How to Extend Your Ultrabook Battery Life

How to Extend Your Ultrabook Battery Life

One of the most
appealing characteristics of an Ultrabook™ is battery life. Mobility
often demands that your laptop last a full workday between charges —
sometimes longer.

As great as the battery life of a typical Ultrabook may be, it’s
still finite. The average battery life is generally less than the
theoretical battery life, and your mileage may vary significantly
depending on how you use your laptop.

Superior technology

Intel understands that the processor consumes a lot of energy—both
for the processing itself, as well as for the cooling necessary to
maintain the processor at a reasonable temperature. Intel has designed
the Core processors with cutting edge technologies engineered to help
them operate efficiently, and generate less heat, so you can use your Ultrabook even longer on a single charge.

Even with superior technology your battery will only last so long.
Luckily, there are some things you can do to eke out every last ounce of
juice and extend the battery life to its absolute fullest. Try these

Maximize your battery life

1. Dim the display

Lighting up all of the pixels on the screen is one of the biggest
power drains for your Ultrabook. Try reducing the brightness of the
display to the lowest possible setting without making it so dim that it
affects your ability to see the display or use the computer.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Even if you’re not actively using them, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are
constantly scanning the area for available connections and continue to
consume power. If you know you don’t need them, turn off wireless
connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or cellular data.

3. Shut down unused applications

Just as wireless connections suck power even when idle, unused
applications running in the background continue to use system resources
and battery life as well. It’s OK to leave open applications you’re
still actively using—that’s the benefit of using a multitasking
operating system. However, you should shut down any tools or services
you aren’t using to conserve power.

4. Disconnect unused peripheral devices

Devices and gadgets plugged in to USB ports draw power even when
they’re not actively being used. If you want to get every last minute of
battery life out of your Ultrabook, disconnect any unused USB

5. Change your power settings

To automate your power savings as much as possible, go into the power
settings in Windows and select the Power Saver profile. The power
profile has two separate modes—one for while the Ultrabook is plugged
in, and one for when it’s operating on battery power. You can customize
the “On battery” settings to designate how many minutes should elapse
before Windows will dim the display, turn it off, and finally enter into
sleep mode. You can also choose a default display brightness to
associate with the power profile.

Getting even more from your battery

Samsung Series 9

Wringing extra minutes out of your battery is one way of making it
last longer. There is another facet of battery endurance to consider,
though. How long will your battery work before it simply dies?

Most of the long-term damage to your rechargeable battery occurs when
it’s at or near full capacity. When the battery is at 100 percent, it
heats up, and the excess heat breaks down the core of the battery cells,
making them less capable of holding a charge. Over time, the capacity
declines, and eventually the battery won’t hold a charge at all, and you
have to replace it.

Some Ultrabook systems also use proprietary technologies to further
extend battery life. Samsung has developed PowerPlus, which includes a
feature called Battery Life Extender mode. When you enable Battery Life
Extender mode, PowerPlus limits the charge on the battery to only 80
percent of its full capacity. In Battery Life Extender mode, the battery
never approaches or reaches 100 percent, so you avoid the overheating
and damage to the battery.

By following some simple tips to minimize or turn off components that
drain your Ultrabook battery, you can make sure you have enough juice
to get through the day. And, with an Ultrabook like the Samsung Series 9,
you can extend the overall life of your battery—saving you from having
to replace it, and saving the environment from landfills piled up with 


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