Intel to rebrand select Atom processors as Celeron / Pentium chips

Intel to rebrand select Atom processors as Celeron / Pentium chips

  What do you do when a product line continues to evolve yet is still
haunted by its past? You rebrand it, of course. That’s exactly what
Intel is doing with the latest Atom processors – electing to brand
select Silvermont silicon as Celeron and Pentium components.
Intel said
the reason for the rebanding has to do with performance, as some
versions of Silvermont are capable of performing on par with current
Celeron and Pentium processors. True enough, there are some variants of
the platform that will ship with PC-like features including SATA and
PCI. But is that really the reasoning behind the idea to ditch the Atom
Perhaps, but there’s another likely reason as well: netbooks. The Atom
processor is synonymous with underpowered netbooks that attempted to
overtake the market just before modern tablets arrived on the scene.
These notebook alternatives were easy on the wallet but lacked any
serious processing power, a reputation that has stuck with the Atom
brand ever since.
Either way, we can expect to see Silvermont / Atom / Pentium / Celeron
chips show up in a number of devices later this year. Notebooks,
convertibles, all-in-ones and desktops running either Android or Windows
8.1 are all fair game.
We are hearing, however, that chips destined for tablet use will likely
not take on the new branding, which will initially be limited to more
capable systems like all-in-ones, hybrids and notebooks.

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