How to Speed Up Android Device with Fly-On Mod

How to Speed Up Android Device with Fly-On Mod

Android devices prove to be very interesting gadgets for many Android geeks; customize it, optimize, tweak or change the system the way you want it. But sometimes we do get into the trouble
of lagged devices, performing slower than we expect. But Android does
has a strong community which tries to give solutions for every problem,
same is the case with speeding up your Android device. This is what our
today’s how-to guide is about: make your device more efficient and

One of the most popular XDA method of accelerating the performance of your Android device is by using a script known as fly-on mod. This script focuses on giving a smooth and faster experience on Android smartphones and tablets. The script would hopefully fix any lags in your Android device too, making it perform even better.

Prerequisites to speed up Android device with fly-on MOD:

  • Do perform the Nandroid backup to be able to restore your device back.
  • Your Android device should be rooted.
  • Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) or higher.
  • Please install any custom recovery tool like CWM or TWRP.
  • Your device must be charged up to 70% at least.
  • init.d should be enabled – follow the instructions below to do this task.
How to speed up Android device with Fly-On Mod:

Please download all the required files before proceeding to the instructions:

Enable init.d:

To make sure if init.d is enabled or not on your device, follow these steps:

  • Enter to folder /etc with root explorer.
  • Find the directory init.d under /etc folder.
  • If you find the init folder, then check the script inside the folder to know the file name and its function.

If you didn’t find any init.d folder, then follow these steps to enable it:

  • Copy init.d script downloaded earlier to the sdcard of Android device.
  • Install Busybox Installer and update the busy box.
  • Install Android Terminal.
  • Run the terminal and then enter to /sdcard directory – where you copied init.d script.
  • Now in Android terminal, type the following commands to run the script:
    • su
    • cd sdcard
    • sh
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Verify it through test.log file in ini/data directory.
  • Note: if you have Rom Toolobox Pro on your device then you’ll be having all the tools to perform init.d script.

Run the Fly-On Mod script:

  • Copy the to sdcard of your device.
  • Reboot to recovery and then flash the zip file copied earlier.
  • Reboot your device.

Fly-On RAM manager:

  • Copy to sdcard.
  • Reboot to recovery and flash the file.
  • Reboot.

Lagfix & Swapgen:

Lagfix and Swapgen are both apps to increase Android performance.
Lagfix is useful to defragment internal memory to make I/O processes
faster. SwapGen is useful for Android device that have 512MB of RAM or

*You can make Swap RAM partition in /cache directory instead of the SD Card. To know the amount of swap file size, follow the recommendations from app.

Hope installing all these tweaks and binaries would help you better
the performance of your Android devices. For more, please check the
developer’s page here.

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