Intel Pushes 14nm Broadwell To 2H 2014, Haswell Refresh Expected in Q2 2014 – Broadwell Limited To U/Y/H Series

Intel Pushes 14nm Broadwell To 2H 2014, Haswell Refresh Expected in Q2 2014 – Broadwell Limited To U/Y/H Series

According to the updated roadmap leaked by VR-Zone,
it looks like Intel has pushed forward the launch of their 14nm
Broadwell processors to second half of 2014 while the Haswell refresh
platform for desktop PC’s would be arriving in Q2 2014.

Intel 14nm Broadwell Arrives in 2H 2014, Haswell Refresh in Q2 2014

There is some confusion built up regarding whether or not Intel plans
to launch their 14nm Broadwell processors for the desktop platform. The
answer is plain and simple, No!
There’s no reason mentioned behind it but it looks like the PC folks
would be limited to a Haswell refresh platform that would incorporate
the 22nm design that is currently available on the Haswell platform.
There would be a chipset change though, the new motherboards that would launch alongside the Haswell refresh platform would feature the Z97 and H97 chipsets
which bring SATA Express and a few more updates as detailed here. Both
the current and Haswell refresh processors would be compatible with the
Z87 and Z97 chipsets featured on the LGA 1150 socket so i don’t think if its a thing any one should worry about.

Yes, there’s the point that desktop folks would not get updated to
TICK that Broadwell is supposed to be but Intel has a surprise for the
PC folks. A year later after the unveiling of Broadwell, Intel would
introduce their Skylake platform built on a new 14nm architecture featuring greater technologies such as PCI-e 4.0, SATA Express, DDR4 memory support, AVX 3.2 instruction and much more. Similarly, the HEDT platform “Haswell-E” would bring the same features such as DDR4 memory, PCI-e 4 and the latest 8 Core Extreme Edition processors. Skylake is the performance platform for 2015 while Haswell-E is the high-end platform for late 2014 by Intel. Currently, we are looking at the Ivy Bridge-E platform that launches on September 11th, more details on which can be found here.

With the desktop side covered, let’s head on to the low wattage and
ultra low power processor roadmap which is going to get updated in 2H of
2014. Along with the U and Y Series processors, Intel’s H-Series
high-performance mobile chips would also get updated with the latest
14nm Broadwell architecture in 2H 2014. The roadmap also lists the Core
i7-4960HQ as the successor to the current Core i7-4950HQ processor
featuring enhanced clock speeds which arrives in early 2014.

Intel Broadwell Y-Series Intel Broadwell u-Series Intel 14nm Broadwell Mobile CPUs

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