Nexus 7 finds Apple napping

Nexus 7 finds Apple napping

Uh-oh: iPad Mini meets the new Nexus 7. It’s not looking good for Apple at the moment.

Google has beat Apple at its own Retina-display-thumping game. Meet the Nexus 7, the eye-popping 323-pixels-per-inch wonder.

It is, in a way, the (rumored)
iPad Mini Retina wrapped in
Android 4.3.

Here’s the deal: If you can find most of the apps you need on Google’s Play Store and would like a small
tablet with the highest resolution display on any tablet to date
(i.e., higher than the 9.7-inch Retina iPad and way higher than the
iPad Mini), then the second-generation Nexus 7 may be a good choice.

did this happen? Well, Google, Asus (the device manufacturer), and
Japan Display Inc. (the display maker) have managed, for the first time,
to slap a smartphone-density display on a small tablet.

Without getting too technical, the second-gen Nexus 7 uses a display
technology (called low-temperature polysilicon, for those keeping score)
from Japan Display that has been used, to date, only on phones like,
ironically, Apple’s iPhone 5 (which has a pixel density of 326, just
slightly more than the new Nexus 7).
Maybe more ironically,
Apple is considering the same technology for a future Mini Retina,
according to Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch. When that
Mini would appear ranges from sometime in October (optimistic) to early
next year (pessimistic).
Analysts have told me that the 7-inch
1,920×1,200 display on the Nexus 7 may be the upper size limit for Japan
Display’s ultra-high-resolution technology — at the moment. In other
words, JDI’s tech is not quite ready to scale up to the larger 7.9-inch
screen on the Mini.

Whatever the case, you can pick up the new Nexus 7 for $230 at some Best Buy stores
as of Friday. That’s about $100 less than Apple’s cheapest Mini (which I
also own) but with a much better screen and a faster (quad-core)

That’s a really tough hardware/price proposition for Apple to beat, in my opinion.
like the Mini a lot. I’m not sure yet but I may like the second-gen
Nexus 7 better. (I have to be careful, though. I’ve only had it for
about 18 hours so the out-of-box wowness may be impairing my judgment.)
I will say this, though. Apple has its work cut out for it.

The second-generation Nexus 7 I picked up on Friday.

The second-generation Nexus 7 I picked up on Friday.


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