The new Nexus 7 in flesh: unboxing video shows us everything

The new Nexus 7 in flesh: unboxing video shows us everything

Well, that’s about it, folks. Google’s event is now officially redundant – we know everything. Yes, the images of the next-generation Nexus 7 were real. We even know the specs and how the device fares in benchmarks. Heck, even the rumored Android 4.3 is in tow, making the roll out of the next iteration of Google’s OS a matter of time.

Why all the bravado? Well, a tipster for AndroidPolice has
really taken Google’s thunder by spilling the beans with a video of the
unboxing and a subsequent hands-on which confirms the leaks. If that
doesn’t quite qualify the tipster for a medal, he’s got a bunch of
high-res photos of pretty much each and every crack and nook of the new
Nexus 7. We even get a visual comparison between the new tablet and its
bigger brother – the Nexus 10. Sure, we would’ve preferred a comparison
with its predecessor, but we can’t complain at all.

A final recap, for those of you not in the know: the new Nexus 7 comes packing a:

  • Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro ticking at 1.7GHz
  • A 7-inch 1080p screen with 300 nits of brightness
  • 2GB of RAM
  • $229.99 for the 16GB version, $269.99 for the 32GB one
  • Android 4.3
  • A 5MP rear shooter, 1.2MP at the front

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