AMD Confirmed To Unveil “Volcanic Islands” Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on 25th September

AMD Confirmed To Unveil “Volcanic Islands” Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on 25th September

AMD is planning to unveil their latest Volcanic Islands series based
Hawaii GPU chip on 25th September. AMD confirmed this report with BrightsideofNews and Semiaccurate who also report that the card would be launched officially in Hawaii.

AMD Officially Headed To Volcanic Islands – Unveiling Hawaii GPU in Hawaii!

On 25th September, AMD would publicly showcase their latest Hawaii GPU which is part of their latest Volcanic Islands family, codenames of which were hinted only a few hours ago in HWINFO. The event which would is going to be hosted by AMD in Hawaii would demonstrate the new capabilities and features of the latest Hawaii GPU demonstrating new gaming
titles on it such as EA’s Battlefield 4 and possibly more. The Hawaii
GPU which would be based on a 28nm process would feature massive
architectural updates over the previous generation given the time AMD
took to release it. But do note that AMD is only going to announce the
Hawaii GPU in late September, actual launch would take place sometime
later in Q4 (Possibly October as has been hinted many times before).

Its no doubt that the Hawaii GPU would tackle the one and only GK110
core from NVIDIA. GK110 stands strong against its competitors from AMD
in the HD 7000 series. Both the GeForce GTX Titan and GeForce GTX 780 do well in performance
although they do cost alot too. The end point would be what GPU offers
more value to consumers. If AMD is going all out to tackle the GK110
with their Hawaii GPU, then they also have to keep the prices
under control. Considering AMD’s current flagship HD 7970 was priced
$549 at launch, it would be highly unlikely for AMD to choose a lower price range for the new Hawaii GPU. But if they do, then its a clear win for AMD. AMD also just announced a price cut on their HD 7990 down from $1000 US to $699 US, getting ready for the launch of their next generation of cards.

AMD’s Hawaii / Volcanic Islands Announcement is sure going to be one hell of a thing since fans have been waiting
for over a year for AMD to launch a new generation of Radeon cards. It
sure sounds good but Semiaccurate has always some extra information for
everyone, the site has reported that AMD’s entire top-to-bottom APU
lineup including the upcoming Kaveri would be fused with the Volcanic Islands architecture:

Meanwhile AMD is doing the sane thing and keeping one
architectural development path. Hawaii is the next step and it will go
in to devices top to bottom, APUs included starting with Kaveri in Q4 or
early Q1. via Semiaccurate

This is interesting since we only knew that the Kaveri APUs were
going to feature Southern Islands based IGPs but if they do end up with
the Volcanic Islands architecture than that’s sure going to give Intel’s
Broadwell a hard time keeping up with AMD in terms of integrated
graphics performance. AMD also confirms that there’s no delay with their
Kaveri APUs and they are on track for launch in either Q4 2013 or Q1

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