Dota 2 Ti3 (The International 3) Full Overview – Ends with Alliance Taking Home 1.4 Million Dollars

Dota 2 Ti3 (The International 3) Full Overview – Ends with Alliance Taking Home 1.4 Million Dollars

Dota 2 Ti3 ends with a bang and as always with some unexpected results. Dota 2  has quickly grown to be a real rival for the likes of Starcraft
E-Sports competitive Gaming Scene, where some may even argue that it
has surpassed the same. With this years Prize Pool consisting of 2.8 Million Dollars in cash money, Dota 2 Ti3 set the record
for the largest prize pool in history. The final was between Na’vi (No
surprises there) and Alliance with Alliance taking home the win and
Na’vi as runners up.

Dota 2 Ti3: Results and Overview

The upper brackets of the Dota 2 Ti3 contained 8 teams, namely Na’vi,
Orange Neolution, TongFu, Fnatic, Alliance, LGD-GAMING, DK and last
years champions Invictus Gaming. The simultaneous viewing of 600 000
people spectating the Dota 2 Ti3 event also broke last years record of 400 000 spectators. The Dota 2 Ti3 was held from Aug 7 – 11 in Seattle.

The favorites to win this year were Na’vi and Invictus Gaming and the
teams battled it out as following climbing the brackets with Invictus
Gaming suffering an early knockout and Navi qualifying to the finals.

Dota 2 ti3 The International 3The first Dota 2 The International Championship (2011) winners were Na’vi with the Second The International Championship (2012) winners being Invictus Gaming and the Dota 2 Ti3 Winners being Alliance.

Na’vi have performed with a consistency that is rare in the E-Sports scene where a single patch can make or destroy champions, always placing first or second in all 3 champion ships including the Dota 2 Ti3 this year.

Dota 2 Ti3: Notable Moments

Though we didn’t get a chance to, but people who bought the Dota 2
Ti3 compendiums got to participate in an extremely unique way: they got
to make and manage their own fantasy teams composed of players currently
participating in the Dota 2 Ti3! So the thrill when your very own team
failed or pulled of amazing feat was beyond amazing. This kind of
immersion has never been done before and the rewards were well worth it

Dendi has been one of the most recognized icons of Dota 2
Championships and this years Dota 2 Ti3 was no exception. Dendi managed
to pull off some truly mind blowing feats such as his infamous Chen-Pudge Fountain Hook Kill Combo.
However to be fair there were times where he played like an utter noob
too, namely the first match during Na’vi Vs Orange where he fed early
game playing Shadow Fiend.

Dota 2 ti3 The International 3

Another immersive feature included this
years Dota 2 Ti3 was the Spectating Awards. Whenever users spectating
the championship saw something spectacular, some random few were awarded
with rare items. However if there is one team that deserves recognition
its Alliance. They started as the Underdogs this year and battled it
out to win top prize of Dota 2 Ti3.

Needless to say this years The International Dota 2 Championship was
one of the best ever, in regards to itself and other competitive
E-Sports gaming.

Dota 2 ti3 The International 3

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