Headset will Let You Safely Overclock Your Brain for $249 Headset will Let You Safely Overclock Your Brain for $249 is a one of its kind device. At the risk of sounding like one of
the scam advertisements I will say this. Have you grown tired of
overclocking your PC Parts with no improvement in your gaming performance?
perhaps you are over clocking the wrong part; how about you overclock
your brain for a change? That’s right, introducing the first
device that can truly and safely over clock your brain, and more
importantly the first device to pass FCC Safety Standards.

How Overclocks Your Brain.

The concept behind is very simple and is quite possibly one of
the reasons it actually works. is basically a Transcranial
Direct Current Simulator (tDCS). It works by firing minute amount of DC
current directly into your prefrontal cortex, exciting your neurons and
making them fire at a greatly increased pace. Your neurons work by using
spikes of electricity so you can compare the headset’s working to providing a CPU with more voltage for higher clock speeds. Overclock your Brain

The Headset goes on your head and it can be controlled in two ways.
One is manual and gives only a crude control over the Headset; by
using the buttons on the headset themselves. The other gives far greater control over the brain overclocking device and works via an iPhone app (so far Android users are out of luck) provided by

So Apparently to truly enjoy the full extent of you need to be an iPhone owner. states that as soon as Android has the Bluetooth 4.0 API they will ship an Android App too. So Android users should wait a generation or two.

What exactly will improve by Overclocking your Brain?

A tDCS head set will
theoretically improve not only your gaming ability but aspects of your
every day life as well. It will improve your reaction speed, your
logical ability, your perception and your ability to learn. Basically
just about everything you associate with your Brain.

During the tests conducted by a group of people were first
given a very difficult puzzle to solve. Not one of them was able to do
it. Then they introduced the tDCS headset and viola more than 40%
of the subjects were able to quickly and easily solve the puzzle.
Similarly There is documented evidence of tDCS headset improving Gaming
ability (analytical and reaction time) by orders of magnitude.

Isn’t Over clocking my Brain with Dangerous? not only got FCC Approval but also passed CE Safety standards
EN60601-2-10: 2001 and EN60601-1: 2006. So so far all the tests
conducted with were positive and not the slightest injury was
even hinted at. Still all these results are short-term and there could
be long-term affects though it is highly unlikely. If you are skeptical
you could wait for the Second or Third generation of tDCS headsets and
then buy them. Overclock your Brain

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