Microsoft to close Xbox PC Marketplace on August 22

Microsoft to close Xbox PC Marketplace on August 22

The company says that gamers who currently have Microsoft Points should
spend them before next Thursday or risk losing them entirely.

Microsoft has officially decided to close down its PC Marketplace next week.

The company announced
the news late on Thursday, saying that on August 22, it’ll shutter the
PC Marketplace platform. The move comes in conjunction with Microsoft’s
announcement earlier this year that it will ditch its virtual currency Microsoft Points in favor of local currency in an upcoming
Xbox system update.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has not killed Games for Windows
Live. Those titles that gamers have already purchased through the PC
Marketplace will remain available after August 22. According to
Microsoft, this move means only that gamers won’t be able to buy any
other titles through its online Marketplace.

Since Microsoft is also killing its virtual currency, the company
cautions in an FAQ on its site that those who currently have Points
on-hand should spend them before next Thursday. Once Microsoft Points is
retired, the currency cannot be used to purchase products.


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