New Nexus 7 owners bump into multitouch issues

New Nexus 7 owners bump into multitouch issues

The tablet’s touch screen seems to go a bit haywire in response to more
than one touch, an issue that Google says it’s investigating.

The new Nexus 7 may be a bit out of touch when it comes to multitouching.
Several owners of Google’s new
say the screen doesn’t respond properly when they perform certain
multitouch actions, such as pinching to zoom in or out or touching the
screen with two fingers to move an item. Commenters posting on Google Groups and the XDA Developers forum over the past couple of weeks report a few related issues.

In some cases, pinching the screen causes surrounding items to jump
around. In other cases, several attempts must be made to successfully
move an object using multitouch. Some users also say the on-screen
keyboard is buggy, registering a single tap as a double tap.

Some owners say they traded in their bad models for new ones, with
mixed results. One person on his third Nexus 7 says the problem is less
severe than on the first two units but still exists.

Google apparently has confirmed the issue and is looking into it. Google Community Manager for
Android Paul Wilcox posted the following response in the Google Groups thread: “The Android team is aware of this issue and investigating. I’ll post an update when there’s new information to share.”

The new Nexus 7 has also been beset with a GPS glitch that kills the connection after a certain number of minutes. Google is reportedly investigating that issue as well.

CNET contacted Google for comment and will update the story with any further details.


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