AT&T offering Google Nexus 7

AT&T offering Google Nexus 7

Users can now grab a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet with AT&T SIM for $349.

 Have a hankering for a Google Nexus 7
tablet along with LTE service? AT&T feels is has an offer you can’t
resist. The carrier has now partnered with Google to sell a 32GB version of the slate complete with AT&T LTE 4G data access for $349.

Of course you can also buy a 32GB
Nexus 7
model for the same $349 direct from the Google Play store without
having to commit to a lengthy 2-year service contract. As someone who
mainly uses
at home over Wi-Fi, or free-load off of friends and family’s network
connections, purchasing a separate data plan for a device like this is
not very compelling.

Even so, those who travel often and find themselves with only slow hotel
networks (if they’re lucky) will certainly welcome a tablet linked to
AT&T LTE. The device could also serve as a mobile hot spot on the
road and I admit AT&T’s new 4G infrastructure is very fast, at least
where you can get it. 


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