Introducing The Razer Toaster – Have a Slice of Ownage

Introducing The Razer Toaster – Have a Slice of Ownage

Ok look, we aren’t entirely sure how we went from writing about Gaming Hardware to writing about Toasters. But i cannot in good conscience let a gaming toaster go, especially if said toaster comes from the gaming giant Razer.

The Razer Toaster Kickstart (Of Sorts) – Make the Razer Gaming Toaster A Reality

Well i can’t say this is something i have drooled over – infact i
didn’t even know i wanted it till i saw it. But hey, its the Razer
Toaster, and it prints the Razer logo on any slice you toast, who
wouldn’t want it? So heres the deal: Razer’s CEO promises to make the Razer Toaster a reality if its official Facebook page gets 1 million likes. Like we said this is a Kickstarter without money.

Razer Toaster

  • So What are you waiting for? Head over here and like the Razer Toaster page already :

The name of this Gaming Toaster is Saturnus aka Razer Toaster aka the
Razer Gaming Toaster. We have to admit though it looks pretty insane,
not to mention absolutely awesome. We cant wait to have our slices
toasted with the Razer Logo and eat a true gamers breakfast.
Though the design and features will only be confirmed by Min Liang
Tan (Razer’s CEO) after the group reaches 1 million likes, some pretty
nice concept art and features have begun to popup. The features should
include different toasting options and progress bar according to the official concept art. The Razer Toaster will also have a brushed aluminum case according to the same official feature list. Some other concept arts have also been posted on the site.

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