Get Cydia for iOS 7! Jailbreak for iOS might not be that Far

Get Cydia for iOS 7! Jailbreak for iOS might not be that Far

Rumors were going rounds and rounds last week about the iOS 7 jailbreak tethered boot coming for Apple iPhone 4 users. However, we haven’t seen any signs or any of the official updates from jailbreak developers. BUT, some hackers have been bragging about and claiming to be running Cydia iOS 7 with tethered boot on iPhone 4! Evidently, some may have been right.

We have got a few pictures of an iPhone 4 running Cydia on iOS 7 with new layout and User Interface. Cydia on iOS 7 seems to
have been broken for public developers but specifically those with
appropriate knowledge to code can handle it. As them coders can easily
fix the issue on their iOS 7 running devices. Hackers have claimed that Jay Freeman aka Saurik (developer of Cydia – an alternative to Apple’s app store for jailbroken devices) will roll out a major update on Cydia with the public release of iOS 7 jailbreak! As reports are coming in, Saurik is working on the new layout of Cydia program on iOS 7 along with fixing the major bugs in it.

We are attaching a few pictures of Cydia on iOS 7 enabled iPhone 4 as shared by some hackers.

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The iOS 7 tethered jailbreak can be achieved with OpenSnOw and a few
other tools too. OpenSnOw is a project working as an open-source tool
for everyone to get read / write access on the iOS 7 disks and files. It
has helped a number of hackers to discover reproducible errors on iOS 7
for untethered iOS 7 jailbreak.

While you are waiting for the official release of iOS 7 jailbreak for
the public, we hope that we have gotten your waiting period a bit more
impatient with these images of updated Cydia for iOS 7!

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