Intel and AMD to Focus on x86 for 2014 – Plan to Break into the 2-in-1 Tablet Markets

Intel and AMD to Focus on x86 for 2014 – Plan to Break into the 2-in-1 Tablet Markets

We have received word that Intel and AMD will be focusing some more on the x86 Platform and break into new markets in 2014. These markets will be Tablets and Ultrabook focused, more specifically 2-in-1s.

Intel and AMD eye the 2-in-1 Pie. Will break into More x86 Markets in 2014.

The term 2-in-1 is not a very common PC Tech term so allow me to tell
you what it is. 2-in-1s are basically the Tablet – Laptop Hybrid designs that have popped up. Remember the Tablet with the dock able keyboard? Yup thats it. However in the past these designs
were more or less a gimmick with the 2-in-1 essentially being a
glorified tablet. However in 2014, the 2-in-1s will become much more
true to the name. Now we dont have specifics for AMD’s plan, but we do have the same for Intel.


As you can see Intel expects to increase its Bay Trail based Tablet shipping (focused on 2-in-1s) by a factor of 4. Certainly a very clearly outlined road map
is in motion Intel plans to target every market niche of the 2-in-1s
starting from the $199 range all the way up to $799. Intel is clearly
gunning for this one last uncharted territory
in the x86 Market, needless to say AMD will come guns blazing (or
rather ARM-Blazing) into the foray too. We also have specific details on
Intel’s Plans for the 2-in-1 market:


Now you might remember that we leaked the Broadwell road maps,
and it seems to us that those foreshadowed Intel’s increased interest
in the Tablet sector. Remember how the lowest TDP was only of 3.5 W
(2.8W SDP) ? Well this would explain alot. Battery life is a major
factor in the quality of any portable device and the Macbook would not
be able to push 10+ Hrs of battery time without Intel’s advances in TDP
and Efficient Architecture. The effect is further compounded because of
Fan-Less Design operation. I would be willing to wager that the more
efficient of these model woulds would easily compete with Apples
products with battery life nearing 10hrs. Do note that it will only be
impressive if said product is a true 2-in-1 and not a glorified tablet.
But looking at Intel’s Plan for the same, i dont think there is any
worry on that count.

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