Crucial To Launch New DDR4 Memory Modules Under The Ballistix Brand – 3000 MHz Frequency

Crucial To Launch New DDR4 Memory Modules Under The Ballistix Brand – 3000 MHz Frequency

Crucual, a leading memory and flash products manufacturer is aiming to launch their latest DDR4 memory modules for desktop PCs in late 2014. Computerbase managed to take pictures of their CES 2014 booth where several engineering samples of the upcoming DDR4 memory modules were showcased.

Crucuial To Launch New DDR4 Memory Modules in Late 2014

Crucial and other memory makers will commence production of the DDR4 memory modules for Intel’s server platform starting Spring 2014. DDR4 memory for consumers will arrive later in Q4 2014 when Intel’s high-end Haswell-E platform
is expected to launch. Crucial will launch their new DDR4 memory under
the Ballistix brand with rated frequencies of 3000 MHz which is over the
JEDEC standard of DDR4-2133-2400 (1.2V) so these will obviously be considered OC memory kits.

Crucial along with several other manufacturer’s will work with Intel
to approve and confirm the new Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile 2)
specifications which allows memory to be optimized on Intel motherboards so that it runs stable at the clock frequencies and ratings its shipped from the memory maker.

Intel’s Haswell-E would be the first consumer platform to officially
support the DDR4 memory. The new high-end platform is expected to launch
in Q4 2014 bringing in enhanced set of features and more cores for
enthusiasts to overclock. On the mainstream side, Intel will launch the Skylake platform in first half of 2015 which would also be given DDR4 memory support
and we will see a wide range of memory kits available to consumers by
that time with different clocks and timing configurations.

G.Skill, ADATA, Kingston and Crucial were among the first
manufacturer’s to show their DDR4 memory modules at Intel’s IDF 2013
conference which was held last year. It will still take some time for
them to mass produce ram modules for shipment to server platforms by the
second half of 2014.

DDR4 memory pricing

As far as pricing is concerned, DDR4 memory would remain on the high
side till 2015 after which it would start to match DDR3 in terms of
pricing. This means an 8 GB DDR4 memory would cost $90 at its initial
availability in Q1 of 2014 and would end up $50 only after three years
of its launch. Its a good thing that Intel Skylake is planned for launch
in 2015 since price of DDR4 would start decreasing.

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