Entire AMD Radeon R9 M200, R7 M200 and R5 M200 Mobility Lineup Are Rebrands – R9 M290X Official

Entire AMD Radeon R9 M200, R7 M200 and R5 M200 Mobility Lineup Are Rebrands – R9 M290X Official

AMD has officially launched their latest R9 M200, R7 M200 and R5 M200
series mobility lineup which are rebrand of the past HD 8000M and HD
7000M series. AMD has also announced their flagship Radeon R9 M290X GPU
that is a rebrand of the HD 8970M (HD 7970M rebrand).

AMD Rebrands Radeon R9 M200, R7 M200, R5 M200 Series

AMD’s 2014 Mobility lineup will include three series which include R9 M200 which are the enthusiast class chips replacing the HD 8900M and HD 8800M series. The Radeon R7 M200 is the performance tier chip replacing the Radeon HD
8700M and HD 8600M series while the mainstream Radeon R5 M200 will
replace the HD 8500M and HD 8400M series chips. The following list gives
a much clear representation of the product positioning:

  • Enthusiast Class – Radeon HD 8900/8800M (2013) – Radeon R9 M200 (2014)
  • Performance Class – Radeon HD 8700/8600M (2013) – Radeon R7 M200 (2014)
  • Mainstream Class – Radeon HD 8500/8400M (2013) – Radeon R5 M200 (2014)

Each class will get one product update for now, the R9 M290X will be the flagship chip replacing the HD 8970M. The Radeon R7 M265 will replace the HD 8700M series chip while the R5 M230 will remain the entry level chip replacing the HD 8400M series chip. The successors to the HD 8800M/8600M/8500M series will arrive later in 2014.

For specifications, the Radeon R9 M290X will feature the Pitcairn XT
die with 1280 stream processors with a clock speed of 850 MHz base and
900 MHz boost while the 4 GB GDDR5 memory would be clocked at 1200 MHz
which will run along a 256-bit interface. The card also features 20 compute units (1280 stream processors), 80 TMU and 32 ROPs. The entire specifications of the chip are listed in the chart below:

AMD Radeon R9 M290X AMD Radeon HD 8970M AMD Radeon HD 7970M
Codename Volcanic Islands? Neptune Wimbledon XT
GPU Series R9 M200 Solar Series (HD 8000M) London Series (HD 7000M)
Architecture GCN GCN GCN
Cores 1280 1280 1280
Memory 4 GB GDDR5 4 GB GDDR5 2 GB GDDR5
Memory Bus 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Core Clock 900 MHz 900 MHz 850 MHz
Memory Clock 1200 MHz 1200 MHz 1200 MHz
Process 28nm 28nm 28nm
TDP 100W 100W 100W
Launch Date 7th January 2014 15th May 2013 1st May 2012

The Radeon R7 M200 and Radeon R5 M200 series are also rebrands with
the R5 M200 featuring 320 Stream processors clocked at 855 MHz and a 4
GB DDR3 memory operating at 1000 MHz pumping out only 16 GB/s bandwidth.
We are also looking at 20 TMUs and 4 ROPs since the card is an entry
level model. The R7 M265 would be a rebrand too with 384 Stream
processors and a max clock speed of 850 – 900 MHz and a memory frequency
of 1125 MHz with 2 GB GDDR5 buffer.

Computerbase managed
to get some pictures of the event with MSI showcasing their new gaming
notebooks featuring AMD’s R M200 series mobility graphics. You can see
pictures of the notebooks below:

AMD R M200 Serues MSI R9 M200 Series Gaming Notebook2 MSI R9 M200 Series Gaming Notebook AMD Radeon R9 M200 AMD R9 M290X Specs

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