Battlefield 4 Benchmark Showdown – GTX 780 Ti Direct 3D Against R9 290X With Mantle API

Battlefield 4 Benchmark Showdown – GTX 780 Ti Direct 3D Against R9 290X With Mantle API

This is a very interesting benchmark that I am going to share today. These benchmarks are of Battlefield 4 with Mantle tested under various scenarios including APUs. The results show great potential in Mantle and also point out some  initial problems.

GTX 780 Ti D3D Vs. R9 290X With Mantle API – Battlefield 4 Real World Benchmarks

The benchmarks are courtesy of and be sure to check out their full review of Mantle. Ok back to the topic. The first set of benchmarks are for Battlefield 4 tested with the following set of setups:

  • Core i7 4770k Coupled with GTX 780 Ti, R9 290X (Mantle On and Off)
  • A1-7850k Coupled with the GTX 780 Ti, R9 290X (Mantle On and Off)

Without further ado, here are the benchmarks:

battlefield 4 mantle benchmarks
can see that in a GPU Bound scenario, Mantle makes a difference of
approximately 12 frames while in a CPU Bound Scenario, Mantle makes a
staggering difference of 41 frames. Now interestingly, in a CPU Bound
Scenario the 780 Ti performs better than the R9 290X but is left in the
dust when Mantle is turned on. However, in a GPU Bound scenario Mantle
helps the  R9 290X come close to the Ti with a 15 frames difference.
Here are the second set of benchmarks:

battlefield 4 mantle latency

we see Mantle truly shine. Mantle is an absolute beast in reducing 99th
percentile frame time. It makes a huge difference if the situation is
CPU bound and quite significant if the situation is GPU bound. The difference between
780 Ti and R9 290X with Mantle is significant if the situation is CPU
Bound but Green still takes the win if performance is GPU Bound.

is a chart of frame production time. The beyond 16.7ms chart includes
all the configs so we will take that for analysis. It appears that
without Mantle ( and in some specific instances)  R9 290X is quite
horrible. However Mantle is a miracle worker here, reducing the frame
production time to less then that of a GTX 780 Ti. However when the scenario is GPU Bound, the difference between frames is negligible although with or without Mantle the R9 290X takes the win here.

So from what we can see, Mantle will be very useful for AMD dGPUs
especially where there is a CPU Bound situation. So for the low – mid
end rigs, Mantle will work miracles for AMD owners. However if you go on
pure performance, according to these benchmarks, Nvidia takes the

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