Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Updated on Carriers’ Websites

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Updated on Carriers’ Websites

Samsung just launched Galaxy S5
in the MWC at Barcelona. Samsung announced that Galaxy S5 will be ready
to be released on April 11th in over 150 countries worldwide. While the
prices were rumored to be similar to the previous flagship, here are
the details.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 price will be in line with that of Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s, according to carrier hints. For U.S. consumers, Samsung Galaxy S5 price is under $700, according to Samsung estimate.

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 contest is putting Galaxy S5 price lower that $700 and in line with Galaxy S4; Sprint promotion is more in line with a base 16 GB iPhone 5s.

galaxy s5 price

These two carrier contests have given some idea as to what Galaxy S5
price should be expected, once it is released. According to T-Mobile
contest, Samsung Galaxy S5
price is between $610 and $620. The carrier is giving away a Samsung
Galaxy S5 and a flip-view cover with a total value of $668.  The cover
will cost no more than $40 to $60 giving us an idea of the cost of
 smart phone. If you would get Samsung Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile, it would
likely cost you $26 a month for two years contract, similar to Galaxy

Sprint Galaxy
S5 is estimated at $649.99, similar to that of iPhone 5s price off
contract. You would be able to get Samsung Galaxy S5 from Sprint for
$199 on contract for a two year contract. Similar pricing is expected
from AT&T.

You can enter the Samsung Galaxy S5 contests from T-Mobile, Sprint
and, Samsung for a chance to win a free Galaxy S5 along with various
other items. Check out details at the following links.

For 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S5, add another $50 to the base prices and
you are good. The prices would likely drop a bit once retailers like
Amazon and Walmart come in to the play.


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