Must-Read List of Galaxy S5 Features and Instructions, if You Plan to Buy the Flagship

Must-Read List of Galaxy S5 Features and Instructions, if You Plan to Buy the Flagship

Samsung has released 100s of features of Samsung Galaxy S5
ahead of its global release this April 11th. The devices have already
been placed at hundreds of Best Buy stores and other retailers for you
to compare and decide if you would like to buy the latest Samsung

In the recently released document, Samsung shares details about every
aspect of its latest smartphone. If you are considering to buy the
Galaxy S5 this year; or want to know more about its features, this
document should be on your reading list. While you may not read all of
it, search for the keywords you most want in your smartphone to get the
information about. Want to know about HDR (rich tone) effect in Camera;
or it’s about the details of how resistant Galaxy S5 actually is to
different sort of liquids; you can get all the details in this document.

Here are just a very few of the Galaxy S5 features from the document, which you can read in entirety below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features officially shared:

Here are a few of the Samsung Galaxy S5 features shared officially in the user manual of model G900F, which is reportedly being the international variant of the latest flagship smartphone:

  • Some instructions about water and dust resistance:
    • Do not immerse the device in water deeper than 1 m and keep it submerged for more than 30 minutes.
    • Ensure that the back and multipurpose jack covers are tightly
      closed. Otherwise, they may not provide protection from water and dust.
    • Do not expose the device to salt water, ionised water, or soapy water.
  • Gems about saving battery (don’t wait to apply these on Galaxy S5 – increase battery life on your current smartphones with these tips too!):
    • When you are not using the device, switch to sleep mode by pressing the Power button.
    • Close unnecessary apps with the task manager.
    • Deactivate the Bluetooth feature.
    • Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature.
    • Deactivate auto-syncing of apps.
    • Decrease the backlight time.
    • Decrease the brightness of the display.
  • How to lock and unlock:
    • Pressing the Power button turns off the screen and puts the device
      into lock mode. The device automatically gets locked if it is not used
      for a specified period.
    • To unlock the device, press the Power button or the Home button and
      flick your finger in any direction within the unlock screen area.
  • Flick left or right on the Home screen or the Apps screen to see
    another panel. Flick up or down to scroll through a webpage or a list,
    such as contacts.
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  • Details about fingerprint sensor:
    • The Home button contains a fingerprint recognition sensor. Ensure that the Home button is not scratched or damaged by metal objects, such as coins, keys, and necklaces.
    • The screen protector supplied with the device may cause the
      fingerprint recognition sensor to malfunction. Remove the screen
      protector to improve fingerprint sensitivity.
    • Ensure that the fingerprint recognition area and your fingers are clean and dry.
    • The device may not recognise fingerprints that are affected by wrinkles or scars.
    • The device may not recognise fingerprints from small or thin fingers.
    • To improve recognition performance, register fingerprints of the hand used most often to perform tasks on the device.
    • Do not drag your finger too quickly or slowly. Drag your finger at a moderate speed to allow the device to recognise it.
    • In dry environments, static electricity can build up in the device.
      Avoid using this feature in dry environments or before using the
      feature, discharge static electricity by touching a metal object.
  • Take photos with rich colours and reproduce details even in bright
    and dark areas. On the Apps screen, tap Camera → , and then take a
galaxy s5 features

Samsung Galaxy S5 features and instructions [User Manual]:


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