Acer Launches World’s First 4K Display with Nvidia G-Sync Capability

Acer Launches World’s First 4K Display with Nvidia G-Sync Capability

Press Releases are rarely news worthy but this one really caught my eye.
4K is all the thunder in the gaming world right now, where 3d was once
the next big thing, 4K currently wears the crown. Even when flagship
GPUs come out, everyone asks the same question: how well can it run 4K?
Well, if you are going to get a GPU capable of running 4K at respectable
frame rates, then a good 4K monitor would of paramount importance to
you.In that case, getting the most capable display should be the logical
next step, and that is where Acer and Nvidia come in.

The First 4K Display with Nvidia G-Sync Technology Released by Acer

At the moment G-Sync is the only hardware driven perfect frame
syncing solution on the market, with the only real alternative being
AMD’s (mostly) software driven Free-Sync. However unlike G-Sync which is
already a more or less polished product, Freesync is still being
developed. Infact VESA recently approved the new Display Port 1.2a
standard to make it a (optional) standard across the board.

The display’s item code is XB280HK and the screen size is 28inch
diagonally. The resolution is 3840×2160 (4K) quite obviously and
features a low light mode that can reduce brightness to 15% (30% is the
usual standard). The viewing angle is the standard 170 degrees and also
has the DisplayPort 1.2 (non-a and therefore non-FreeSync). It also has 4
USB 3.0 Ports and and the angle bracket is adjustable from -5 to 35
degree. Ofcourse the most important feature is the Nvidia G-Sync
hardware chip that will come built in, something which sells separately
for $99 . The G-Sync module will solve any and all problems related to
incorrect frame production, including tearing, v-sync problems, input
lag etc etc. Since we have no word on the actual price of the monitor, I
can’t really comment on the value of the same.

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