ASUS Launches Brand New STRIX Series with the Geforce GTX 780 6GB GDDR5

ASUS Launches Brand New STRIX Series with the Geforce GTX 780 6GB GDDR5

ASUS has just unveiled the Geforce GTX 780 6GB STRIX OC Edition. We were
expecting a 6GB version from ASUS as well since many of the other AIBs
have already rolled out their own card. However we were a little
surprised when the card was neither a ROG nor a DirectCU. It was infact a
completely new series by the name of STRIX. The GTX 780 STRIX OC
Edition also features a Zero Noise Emission feature which allegedly will
reduce the noise levels to 0 dB.

ASUS Unveils Geforce GTX 780 STRIX OC Edition with 6GB of GDDR5 Memory and Low Noise Cooling Solution

The STRIX variant features a familiar looking eye-pair, which looked
like that of an owl to me. That said, the aesthetics look pretty neat,
though ASUS quite clearly stuck to their comfort zone. The design is a
nod at DirectCU II origins and has a black PCB. Now here’s the thing,
according to ASUS, the gpu’s fans will stop completely at idle or low
load. However achieving an actual 0 dB noise level is a marketing
gimmick and should not be taken seriously, since there are other
electrical components in a GPU that produce audible noise (something
which becomes negligible when fans are turned on).


The card has 5 heat pipes in total, 4 on the PCI-E facing side and 1
on the top side. The overall design appears quite polished and well
made. There appears to be no back plate on the PCB which is a step down
from DirectCU II parts. The box art also claims a “20% cooler” , umm,
cooling system, which implies a more efficient implementation of the
standard heatpipe-heatsink design that AIBs so love. The card has DIGI
VRMs for a more stable power supply to the die enabling higher over
clocks without the GPU becoming stable. Sadly however at this point we
have no real information about the card, temperature overhead or
overclock (non-stock) capability.

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