Entire Watch Dogs Map Revealed, Compared With Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA V Maps

Entire Watch Dogs Map Revealed, Compared With Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA V Maps

In few days from now, almost all of you will be jumping into a fictional
hyper-connected Watch Dogs’ city that is modeled after the real-life
city of Chicago. Watch Dogs has created quite a fuss in the gaming
industry and gamer’s are eagerly waiting to grab their copy of the game.
Despite of Ubisoft’s efforts to keep things in hand, Watch Dogs has
leaked out to a significant number of fans, who are now giving out all
that is about the game.

Watch Dogs Map vs Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V Maps: Screenshot Comparison

Ubisoft’s biggest game of this year is just about a few days away,
but a look around the online gaming community will make you realize that
there is more in-game media content out in the public now than the
developer itself ever released. Players who have acquired Watch Dogs for
their consoles are uploading all the game details that are worth a

Today, a Reddit user
shared a very important tad from the game. Putting out a screenshot of
the game’s map, the user compared it to the map size of the Grand Theft
Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. The screenshot of the map was taken from
this video, in which, entire
map of the game can be viewed. Below is the rough screenshot which
shows six possible districts included in the game.

Next, the Grand Theft Auto IV map was taken and overlaid on top of
the Watch Dogs map. The user clarified that the comparison is not 100
percent accurate but that the margin of error is give or take 10 to 20

Watch Dogs

Below is an image that provides a quick look at how big is Grand
Theft Auto V map compared to the map size of Grand Theft Auto IV.


Finally, Watch Dogs map, Grand Theft Auto IV’s map and Grand Theft
Auto V’s map laid over each other. Just to clarify again, the Watch Dogs
map screenshot can not be used to determine the actual size of the
in-game city but it does give us a sneak peak at how big the map can be.

Watch Dogs 1


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