[Exclusive] Early Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Footage and Impressions

[Exclusive] Early Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Footage and Impressions

We exclusively leaked the first review of Watch Dogs a
few days ago and took massive amounts of heat for it. Fake allegations
aside even Ubisoft had the audacity to claim that “real” reviews would
come on 27th. Yet a review published in a print magazine just yesterday
was dubbed as the first real review, which made the criteria for real
plainly obvious: Any review that gives Watch Dogs a perfect score is a
real review. Well here is some more ‘fake’ exclusive material just for
your viewing pleasure. Oh and this time we made sure to include features
the comments had requested and which we had mentioned but not shown in
our original review.

Watch Dogs is clearly the only game right now that is reigning
supreme over the entire gaming industry. The brand new open world
action-adventure video game title is making headlines since Ubisoft
first released it’s gameplay footage, but now with the launch date only a
week away, the hype for this game is getting more intense than before.
Luckily, We got our hands on a legit Xbox One retail copy of the game a
few days ago, and
actually got a taste of multiplayer gameplay. That said, considering
the fact how we got absolutely lambasted for simply giving our own take
on the game’s graphics and gameplay, heres your chance to decide for
yourself what the gameplay, graphics and mechanics of the same are like.
Do note: we do not know who else was playing with us or why the servers
were up – but it seems some devs and normal users were playing the game
before Ubisoft realized this and took the servers down. In this footage
we play with two devs and a normal user. We blocked their names for
privacy reasons. Before this, we played Decryption mode with other
people who had the retail copy as well.

WCCF Exclusive: Early Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

While the story of Watch Dogs is one that tells us about the modern
situation of surveillance and monitoring gotten out of hand we witness
one man’s quest to utilize a centralized network of various surveillance
tools to exact revenge on the people who took his loved ones away from
him using a variety of opportunities spread out across the city. All of
this taking place in the beautiful city of Chicago, all the buildings
and visuals have been built to scale from real life to actually give the
players a realistic feeling about the game and actually feel familiar
to their environment, especially the inhabitants of the city.

The multiplayer is one area of the game that is really fascinating,
where Grand Theft Auto 5 has practically built a second life for it’s
players with a theme of fun with friends, by allowing players to go
drive around the city and indulge in various activities, Watch Dogs is a
game that demands absolute sincerity from the players, we are looking
at a game that will have Spy vs Spy at each others throats for Data and
the acquisition of it.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Final

While the multiplayer scenarios in Watch Dogs might not hold the same
comic appeal that its counter part does on consoles, it does what its
supposed to for the people it is meant to reach. There are many people
who are heavily vested in the world of Watch Dogs due to the interesting
theme and nature presented in the story and the audience wishing to
pursue this will gladly indulge themselves in this adventure among
themselves and with friends wholeheartedly. While the Xbox One version
is running on 792p and a fixed 30FPS, it does appear to be less visually
stunning than what the PS4 variant looks like, the only way we can find
out why this is so is to wait for third parties to dissect the various
platforms and determine which version of the game had undergone the most
nip/tuck in order to deliver a perfect balance of looks and
The multiplayer seems to be interesting enough to keep the players
hooked for some time but Ubisoft has definitely got plans to expand on
the multiplayer since the Season Pass has been long announced, you can
be rest assured that new maps, game modes and other treats await you if
you are patient. Even if you eventually get tired of the game, you
should still wait and see what Ubisoft has in store for post launch
content and give it a shot.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Video Screen Grabs:

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _1 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _2 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _3 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _4 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _5 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _6 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _7 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _8 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _9 Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay _10 


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