Samsung Galaxy S5 glimmers on Sprint, T-Mobile in gold

Samsung Galaxy S5 glimmers on Sprint, T-Mobile in gold

Sprint and T-Mobile get the honor of being the first US carriers to sell
the GS5 superphone in any color other than black or white.

Yes! Sprint and T-Mobile have broken the US’ dry spell when it comes to Samsung’s more colorful versions of its Galaxy S5 smartphone. Customers can snap up the T-Mobile and Sprint Spark-ready GS5s starting May 30 — and if you buy from Sprint, you get a matching gold HM1900 Bluetooth headset for free.
When the phone debuted at Mobile World Congress in Spain, we saw it
in the black and white ubiquitous through the carriers and big box
retailers, but with no sight of the pretty copper gold or aquamarine
This is unfortunately a typical game here, where carriers
and retailers differentiate in small ways through exclusive colors. Take
the HTC One in Best Buy blue, for instance, or the red Google Nexus 5, which Google eventually sold through its Play Store.

biggest problem: that these exclusive shots of color so often come
after the first surge of sales, in essence rewarding later adopters and
neglecting the deepest loyalists.


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