Watch Dogs PS4 Beta Version vs GTA V Screenshot Comparison: Ubisoft’s Masterpiece Visually Much Better

Watch Dogs PS4 Beta Version vs GTA V Screenshot Comparison: Ubisoft’s Masterpiece Visually Much Better

Watch Dogs have got us and millions of other eager fans pretty excited.
The leaked media content of the game is just serving as an appetizer and
the real fun lies in kicking some action in the game when it officially
launches on May 27th, but until then, all we can do is try and quench
our thirst by looking at gameplay videos and screenshots of the game, or
even compare the game to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Watch Dogs PS4 Beta Version vs GTA V Screenshot Comparison: Common Differences Clearly Visible

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that one of
the biggest and most highly praised games of this year is going to
launch next week. Hardly, if I guess, there will only be a very small
number of gamers that might not be looking forward to this game,
everyone else is ready to get a retail copy. Hype for the game is
growing with every passing second and it looks like the game is ready to
set some new records.

Watch Dogs was most certainly delayed because the developer of the
game wanted it to shine brighter than Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. Now
since people have already acquired Watch Dogs for their consoles, we
can compare the game to the latest installment in Rockstar’s Grand Theft
Auto video game franchise and see how Ubisoft managed to outshine a
game that sits among top last-gen video games ever released.

We recently shared some high quality screenshots of Watch Dogs beta version running on PlayStation 4. The screenshots came from DualShockers,
and in addition to them, the site also managed to put up a screenshot
comparison between beta version of Watch Dogs running on PlayStation 4
and Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s first take a look at the comparison
screenshots and then calculate the differences between both games. In
each pair, Watch Dogs screenshot is above Grand Theft Auto V’s

Watch Dogs PS4 Beta (1)GTA5-4Watch Dogs PS4 Beta (14)Watch Dogs PS4 Beta (12)GTA5-3Watch Dogs PS4 Beta (3)GTA5-2GTA5-5

Of course, it is pretty much impossible to create exactly the same
scenes in both game as Watch Dogs is not out yet and we do not have any
control over the game for now. However, the screenshot comparison given
above is not completely useless. Looking closely at some similar
elements, we can easily spot the differences between both games. Besides
the obvious resolution enhancements, Watch Dogs’ in-game models and
objects have a much higher polygon count compared to Grand Theft Auto V.

In-game textures are much more detailed and adjustments to the
environments seem more fitting. In the first screenshot pair, it is
clearly visible that the water and light reflections upon it are much
more detailed than Grand Theft Auto V. Similarly, the paths and asphalt
clearly show that the object density in the next-gen game is on a whole
new level.

To clearly differentiate between the games, let’s take a look at one
of the most important element in video games; grass. The grass in Watch
Dogs has its own textured polygons and its blades are clearly visible,
compared Grand Theft Auto V, where grass is simply a blurry texture with
fairly low resolution. Headlights of the cars in both games is another

Watch Dogs is a next-gen game and it is running on PlayStation 4,
this means that obviously the game is much denser and much more
detailed. It is also rendered at enhanced resolution and remember, all
this is about beta version of the game, which is still slightly inferior
than the original game.

All the above discussion does not suggest that Grand Theft Auto V
should be counted as an inferior game. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V is
one of those games that utilized complete potential of the last-gen
consoles. But claiming that a last-gen game looks better than a next-gen
game sounds somewhat odd. I have not seen Watch Dogs running on
previous-gen consoles so I cannot say much about that but the game on
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is charms.

Don’t take this Watch Dogs vs GTA V 4 screenshot comparison
seriously. The moment of truth will only arrive once Watch Dogs is
officially released but considering these screenshots from beta version
of the game, it looks like Watch Dogs will be far from disappointment.


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