Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot/GIF Comparison: Xbox One Version Looks Sharper

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot/GIF Comparison: Xbox One Version Looks Sharper

Wolfenstein: The New Order, one of the most awaited games, finally met
its launch today in North America and Europe. The game can be counted as
Bethesda’s second contribution to the library of next-gen games. As we
speak, millions of fans are sitting next to their display units and are
being blessed with Wolfenstein: The New Order’s gameplay. Below is a
screenshot/GIF comparison between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of
the game giving a glimpse at how the game looks on the latest consoles.

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot/GIF Comparison: Game Looks Sharper on Microsoft’s Latest Platform

This month’s one of the most anticipated video game title;
Wolfenstein: The New Order, is already out today for PC and both last
and current-gen platforms. Developed by MachineGames using id Tech 5
video game development engine, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a cross-gen
title but Bethesda confirmed that the next-gen versions of the game
have been developed with more mass and the game runs at 1080p/60fps on
both latest consoles.

Most next-gen games that have been released till now either look
alike on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 version
looks slightly better as Sony’s latest console has some advantage over
the Xbox One due to added hardware potential. However, In some cases,
games perform better on Microsoft’s latest console than the PlayStation
4, and here, it looks like, is a similar case.

Since everyone is playing Bethesda’s new release in the Wolfenstein
first-person shooter video game franchise, a lot of media content from
different versions of the game is showing up on the internet. In order
to give a sneak peak to those who have not tried the game on the latest
consoles, GamingBolt prepared a screenshot/GIF comparison showing how the PlayStation 4 version of the game differs from the Xbox One version.

As the game runs on similar resolution and frame rates per second on
both latest consoles, there are not much differences among both versions
of the game. However, a close analysis tells that Xbox One version is
slightly sharper and more detailed. For example, check out the weapons
and walls in the comparison screenshots provided below. It looks like
this sharpness comes at the cost of texture streaming as you can see in
the first GIF that Xbox One takes some time before streaming clear
textures, while PlayStation 4 directly streams already loaded textures.

Complete Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One screenshot/GIF
comparison is provided below. While going through the comparison, keep
in mind that this is just an initial impression, we will get to know
more about the visuals of the game on the latest consoles once more
media content starts flowing in.

GIFs (Top PlayStation 4, Bottom Xbox One)









Screenshots (Top PlayStation 4, Bottom Xbox One)

PS4-1 Xbox-One-1 PS4-2 XBOX-ONE-2 ps4-3 xbox-one-3 ps4-4 xbox-one-4


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