Apple Unveils iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod at the WWDC 2014 Keynote

Apple Unveils iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod at the WWDC 2014 Keynote

If there is one thing you can count on at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s
Conferences its an update to iOS. And you would not be disappointed
because Apple has just announced the new iteration of iOS, namely iOS 8.
Now iOS 8 is not as significant a change as the iOS 7 was. However that
isn’t to say that there arent any major updates, because there are.

Apple Announces iOS 8 for Apple Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air

Wow, that heading is a mouthful, so moving on, lets take a look at
the newly announced iOS. One of the new features to be added to the new
iOS 8 is healthkit. Which basically allows you to access all your
fitness data in one place. The Health book will utilize the motion M7
Processor in the iPhone and also keep track of different fragmented
health applications all in one place.  Siri has also received an
upgrade, which includes but is not limited to Shazam integration.
Basically Apple’s digital assistant can now tell you what you are
hearing and also function better with third party applications from
around the appstore.

Apple Maps has finally received a much needed upgrade. Apple Maps was
homegrown in 2012 and caused quite a racket, however it has finally
received the tweaks it deserved since launch. Ofcourse CarPlay, which
was launched in March along with iOS 7.1 and allows you to power your
car dashboard touch with an iPhone has received updates in the new iOS.
Since it allows you to send messages and use Siri for navigational
purposes, this is quite a significant update. A standalone iTunes Radio
has now also been added so users can listen to radio and of course Apple
can make a quick buck.

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