Gigabyte Showcases G-Power Board OC Module at Computex 2014 – Compatible With R9 290X and GTX 780 GHz

Gigabyte Showcases G-Power Board OC Module at Computex 2014 – Compatible With R9 290X and GTX 780 GHz

While Computex 2014 officially starts on 3rd June, the pre-event
seminars are already underway from major manufacturers such as Gigabyte.
Over at Gigabyte’s booth, Computerbase manged
to grab some shots of a overclocking G-Power board module which adds up
to 750 Watts of power to the graphics card PCB of which enthusiasts and
overclockers can take advantage of while running some hefty LN2

Gigabyte Showcases G-Power Board OC Module at Computex 2014

Known as the G-Power Board, the OC module is a lot similar to EVGA’s
EPower board but more beefier in terms of design. Gigabyte has released
some interesting design schemes over the last few months such as their
latest high-end WindForce 3X cooler which has the ability to dissipate up to 600W of heat output while the new WaterForce package
that includes a closed looped enclosure and all-in-one fitting for
graphics cards, which adopts a water cooling design aims to please the
water cooling fans in the PC market. Gigabyte made a similar G-Power
board previously but with the ever demanding need of more power and the
arrival of new graphics cards, a new board solution was required hence
we are looking at today’s G-Power board.
Gigabyte has entered the OC game with new SOC products in both
graphics cards and motherboards. Their brand as an Overclocking oriented
company is rapidly expanding and this is where more products come in
for the high-end or should I say “Uber Enthusiast” users and
overclockers who want to break the limits. The G-Power board is
specifically built and aimed for these users providing them up to 750
Watts of power which can be added to any Radeon R9 290X or a GeForce GTX
780 GHz/Ti graphics card.

The concept designs shown by Gigabyte over at the booth include the
G-Power board connected with the AMD Radeon R9 290X and NVIDIA GeForce
GTX 780 graphics card. The card was soldered and wired professionally
with the main PCB of the graphics card adding additional VRM phases and
power input to achieve better clock speeds and overclocking on LN2
cooling. The OC module shown has five 8-Pin power connectors which puts
the total power input to 750 Watts and if you add the one from the
graphics card which in the case of R9 290X has 8+6 Pin power
configuration, then we are looking at over 1000 Watts of power input on a
single graphics card which is purely insane.

I’ll try to get more information on this board as soon as possible so
make sure to keep checking back for more news related to announcements
and happenings at Computex 2014.

Gigabyte G-Power Board – Built For Hardcore Overclockers (Images Courtesy of Computerbase):

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