Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Allegedly Inbound – Landing in November

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Allegedly Inbound – Landing in November

So something pretty exciting happened regarding the Nvidia Geforce GTX
980 flagship. Hermitage Akihabara, one of our most authentic sources I
might add, has posted with confidence
that Nvidia is preparing to launch 8GB versions of their flagship.
Needless, to say this is pretty big news, because not only will this
help boost Maxwell sales even further, but also counter any 8GB variant
that AMD rolls out.

Nvidia preparing 8GB variants of Maxwell GTX 980 – targeting the 4K Gaming Standard

For single GPU configurations 4GB memory is usually sufficient for
most games, not counting an insane amount of Skyrim mods running concurrently.
However once you start entering the realm of 4K, memory and bus width
starts to matter a lot. The last generation rival from AMD, namely the
R9 290X has a huge bus width (512 bits) so it has an automatic advantage
over any 256 bit GPU. Nvidia employs alot of software wizardry and
color compression techniques to make sure that the small bus does not
become a problem, but since they are talking about increasing memory to
8GB I wondered how that would fare in situations that actually benefit
from the excess vram.

Currently no single card (Dual GPU cards do not count as a single
card technically) can run modern games at 4K resolution at high or
near-to-high settings. It is because of this that GPUs usually dont have
more than 4GB of memory. However, if you are entering the realm of
multi-gpu configurations than playing at 4K finally becomes a reality,
and if you are applying copious amounts of anti aliasing and mods, that
vram is going to get eaten up pretty fast. As most of you would know vram does not stack in crossfire or sli configs, it is because of this that any cards which boast 8GB of memory is built ideally for Multi-GPU use.

A Dual Crossfire or SLI setup is usually the most optimum setup that
offers good value and very decent scaling. So if you are going shopping
for cards in the holiday season, and the 8GB version has a high premium,
I would suggest skipping it unless you plan to upgrade to SLI or are
into (very very) heavy modding. For casual modding needs, 4GB variants
will more than suffice. The card is allegedly landing in November this
year and HA mentions once again that the GTX 960 is queued for the first
quarter of 2015.

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