Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M ‘Maxwell Mobility’ GPU Spotted in Driver Updates

Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M ‘Maxwell Mobility’ GPU Spotted in Driver Updates

The folks over at Videocardz.com
have spotted an interesting detail in the recent update of Nvidia
drivers: the GTX 965M (Mobility Geforce) GPU. Since the GPU will be
recognized after the 344.77 driver update, it means that the silicon has
been more or less finalized, marking the core as a GM204 or a GM107 (in
all probability).

Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M (probably) Maxwell Mobility spotted amongst Geforce 344.77 driver update

The nomenclature of the leaked card puts it ahead of the GTX 960M
while behind the GTX 970M; out of which, only the latter has been
released. It is possible that the GTX 960M is based on an older Kepler
rebrand or even, that the GPU isn’t coming at all. Either ways, the fact
that there are more Maxwell GPUs inbound is interesting news for
mobility fans. Maxwell’s efficient architecture would make it very ideal
for laptop conditions especially if you are talking about a midrange
GPU such as the GTX 965M, whose power consumption should be pretty low
comparatively. Here is the relevant clause from the update:


The reason I would not go with any other core like the GM206 or GM208
is because neither of these cores have even been heard of so far.
Zauba.com, the shipping database, is one of the most reliable ways to
check if a GPU has actually taped out and so far there is no sign of any
GM206 or GM208
. On the other hand, all recent Nvidia cores
ranging from the GM210, to GM204 and even the big maxwell GM200 are
present. Interestingly we have been expecting the GTX 960M for a long
time and also the GTX 975M. However, it seems like we are only getting
the GTX 960M and the GTX 965M.

It also seems like Nvidia is getting ready to run the Maxwell 28nm
node for a good year or two now. The ideal case would have been to move
to 16nm FinFET+ before recycling a generation continuously but I guess
second generation Maxwell is better than kepler any day. Also, so far
the only competition AMD has provided is with the Mobility Tonga GPU
M295X, which hasn’t been officially released yet but can be found in
Apple iMac devices. Lets just hope it isn’t a Kepler rebrand at any

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