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Acronis True Image is a very reliable backup software for Windows and Mac. With several years of coding and testing it now reached state-of-the art development.

Acronis offers several features that other software won’t have or are not good enough.

With it you can backup the entire OS or single files and directories. Also backups applications and data locally, in the network or cloud.

the advanced universal restore option, allows to recover your system (even the entire system) to the same hardware or a different one, it doesn’t matter. Your restore operations will always succeed.

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They developed one of the fastest solution on the market, its speed is up to 50% faster than other similar software. If you have alot of data to backup, this is very important and reduces backup times a lot.

All backups are completely protected and safe with the advanced encryption standard (AES 256-bit). Only you can access data, no others can.

Quickly restore your data from a local, network or cloud backup.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Acronis True Image is one of the most awarded software on the market for its business category.

Its advanced algo can backup only the differences from the latest backup, so that backup times and sizes are small and fast.

You don’t need to be an expert to use it, Acronis True Image shows off a simple interface every user can manage with minimal efforts. No special skills are required in order to run it.

I have used Acronis True Image since years and i am very satisfied with it. From all backup software on the market, i use Acronis because it is easy to use but at the same time it offers powerful and advanced features for experienced users as well.

The Cloud version of Acronis offers several features not included in the standard version like:

  • Backup in the cloud (even the entire system)
  • Backup and restore mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc..
  • Ability to manage multiple computers from the Acronis Online Dashboard.
  • No backup size limitation, protect unlimited computers in the cloud.
  • Fast cloud restore, entire system, files, folders, etc..
  • Secure backup in the cloud, encrypted with AES 256-bit military grade algorithm.

Compatible with all Windows versions, it’s the definitive solution for your backup needs.

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