Nokia Siemens unveils tools to boost mobile video performance

Nokia Siemens unveils tools to boost mobile video performance

 Mobile network builder Nokia Siemens Networks unveiled tools to optimize
video performance on mobile devices on Monday, just in time for the
CTIA Wireless trade show that begins Tuesday in Las Vegas.

The new capabilities come out of Liquid Broadband, a portfolio of
network performance technologies that NSN announced in February at
Mobile World Congress. That lineup includes Liquid Applications for boosting app performance, plus other tools.

Amid all the effort going into small cells, more spectrum and other ways
to boost total available wireless capacity, mobile vendors are also
crafting tools for using that capacity more intelligently. Around the
same time Liquid Broadband debuted, NSN rival Cisco Systems introduced
Quantum, a software architecture that can analyze real-time data about
the network to improve performance, among other things.

NSN wants to help carriers satisfy their subscribers with smooth video
streaming, which may pose a challenge when many users on the same base
station want to watch. The company says its new capabilities can reduce
video stalling by 90 percent while also cutting demand for capacity by
25 percent.

The company created the new video capabilities by enhancing the Liquid
Broadband portfolio, combining its Flexi Content Optimizer, policy
management software and new real-time congestion awareness.

Flexi Content Optimizer tunes video to the screen size of the viewer’s
device so the network doesn’t waste capacity sending a bigger video
stream than the device can show. It can also cache content that’s in
high demand, such as frequently requested online videos.

Real-time congestion awareness can trigger bandwidth-conserving steps if
a base station gets heavily loaded. That could include favoring traffic
for customers with higher priority, based on policies, to make sure
their video streams keep running smoothly. 


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