AMD Volcanic Islands “Hawaii XT/LE/Pro” Graphic Cards Listed in Latest Catalyst Drive Leak

AMD Volcanic Islands “Hawaii XT/LE/Pro” Graphic Cards Listed in Latest Catalyst Drive Leak

There’s alot of confusion built around AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 8000 series graphic cards.
We have seen various leaks, most of which have been proven fake but
some still stand true to this point. Last month, it was reported that
AMD would launch their next generation graphic cards with the Volcanic Islands architecture.

AMD Volcanic Islands “Hawaii” Codenames Revealed in Catalyst Driver

The Volcanic Islands news went up on the internet like wildfire after Rage3D reported in an interview with AMD that the next generation GPUs would be arriving in 2013:
“The next generation of graphics cards – Volcanic Islands – is
coming this year and shaping up nicely. When you name products after
places, it leads to interesting thoughts about where to hold events
surrounding that namesake product. Typically places that are cheap to
get travel to internationally for a worldwide congregation are
preferred, so I’m off to renew my passport
on the off chance I’m headed to Reykjavik later this summer. But I sure
as hell wouldn’t complain about being sent to Honolulu, either.” 
A week ago, the latest AMD Catalyst driver for the upcoming Windows Blue OS or Windows 8.1 got leaked. The Catalyst is coded as AMD Catalyst 13.x ( May 23) and has quiet alot of surprises regarding AMD’s up-coming generation of graphic cards and desktop APUs. 
The new Catalyst lists unreleased graphics cards under the Hawaii
brand. Hawaii is presumably the name of the next generation flagship
core that makes use of the Volcanic Islands architecture. And not only
one but six of the new models have appeared in the Catalyst as listed

AMD Volcanic Islands “Hawaii” Codenames:

  • AMD67A2.1 = “HAWAII GL Gemini (67A2)”
  • AMD67A1.1 = “HAWAII GL40 (67A1)”
  • AMD67BE.1 = “HAWAII LE (67BE)”
  • AMD67B1.1 = “HAWAII PRO (67B1)”
  • AMD67B0.1 = “HAWAII XT (67B0)”
  • AMD67A0.1 = “HAWAII XTGL (67A0)”
We don’t know what those codenames mean and we don’t even have
concrete details if the Hawaii GPU is infact a flagship product. But
from the listing we can note that there would be atleast 6 models based
on the Hawaii chip. The fastest of this would be Hawaii XTGL which could
be a GHz edition model, XT being the flagship product at launch while
Pro and LE would be cut down variants with missing SPs on the Volcanic
Islands core. The GL40 and GL Gemini variants are unknown at the moment.
The leaked Catalyst also lists several Kaveri desktop and mobile chips along with Kabini APUs. Those can be seen below:

AMD Kaveri / Kabini APU Codenames:

  • “%AMD9839.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9839
  • “%AMD9834.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9834
  • “%AMD9838.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9838
  • “%AMD983D.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_983D
  • “%AMD9836.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9836
  • “%AMD9832.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9832
  • “%AMD9830.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9830
  • “%AMD9835.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9835
  • “%AMD9837.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9837
  • “%AMD9833.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9833
  • “%AMD9831.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9831
  • “%AMD983C.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_983C
  • “%AMD983F.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_983F
  • “%AMD983B.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_983B
  • “%AMD983E.1%” = ati2mtag_Kabini_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_983E
  • “%AMD67A0.1%” = ati2mtag_NewZealand, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_67A0
  • “%AMD1305.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1305
  • “%AMD130F.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130F
  • “%AMD131C.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_131C
  • “%AMD1313.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1313
  • “%AMD130A.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130A
  • “%AMD1309.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1309
  • “%AMD130D.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130D
  • “%AMD1304.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1304
  • “%AMD130C.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130C
  • “%AMD1307.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1307
  • “%AMD1315.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1315
  • “%AMD131B.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_131B
  • “%AMD130B.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130B
  • “%AMD1306.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1306
  • “%AMD130E.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Mobile, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_130E
  • “%AMD1311.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1311
  • “%AMD1310.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1310
  • “%AMD1316.1%” = ati2mtag_Kaveri_Desktop, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_1316

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