Samsung scores another win versus Apple, this time in Japan

Samsung scores another win versus Apple, this time in Japan

Apple lost its appeal of a ruling that Samsung didn’t infringe on a
patent for synchronizing music and video on its Galaxy smartphones and
tablets, Bloomberg reports.

Score one for Samsung in the company’s long-running patent battle with Apple.
A Japanese high court upheld a lower court ruling that Samsung didn’t
infringe on an Apple patent related to synchronizing music and video on
Galaxy smartphones and
tablets with servers, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The Intellectual Property High Court in Tokyo backed an August decision by Tokyo District Court that Samsung’s mobile devices don’t infringe on Apple technology. Following that ruling, Apple filed paperwork in October to appeal the decision.
Samsung gave us the following statement:

We welcome the court’s decision, which reaffirmed our
long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s
intellectual property. For decades, we have heavily invested in
pioneering the development of technological innovations in the mobile
industry, which have been constantly reflected in our products. We will
continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of
our highly innovative products to consumers in Japan.

We’ve contacted Apple and will update the report when we have more information.
In the world of mobile, patents have become a key focus area and
battleground. Apple, Samsung, and other companies have sued each other
repeatedly, accusing each other of ripping off designs and other
elements. Apple won a big battle against Samsung last year,
with a jury finding Samsung infringed on Apple patents and ordering it
to pay Apple $1 billion. But Apple also has faced setbacks, such as the
U.S. International Trade Commission ruling earlier in June that Apple infringes on a Samsung patent related to cellular technology. 

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