Weekend Open Forum: Bloated software you refuse to abandon

Weekend Open Forum: Bloated software you refuse to abandon

  Microsoft recently launched a no non-sense campaign calling IE the browser you love to hate. In a nutshell, they know they screwed up in previous releases, but they promise they’ve grown up. And that IE “is actually good now” — their words, not mine. To be honest, now that we have some great alternatives in Chrome and Firefox,
I haven’t bothered to give them a fair second chance. Likewise, there’s
other software part of our daily lives that might deserve being
replaced and yet we stick to it for lack of a better alternative — or
knowledge thereof.

Today we want to ask: What’s the most bloated, slow, or terribly
designed piece of software you still regularly use? My prime example
would be iTunes,
though I’ll admit it’s gotten better since version 11. And though I
don’t use them anymore other likely candidates would be Microsoft
Outlook and anything by Adobe.
While we’re at it feel free to help your TechSpot peers if you know of a
better alternative for the bloated or otherwise sucky software they
refuse to abandon. Sound off in the comments!

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