AMD Carizo APU To Feature Excavator Core – Arrives in 2015 With Next Gen Radeon Core and 65W TDP

AMD Carizo APU To Feature Excavator Core – Arrives in 2015 With Next Gen Radeon Core and 65W TDP

VR-Zone got hold of AMD’s Internal documents which detail the companies upcoming APU launches including Kaveri and its successors – Carizo APU. While Kaveri has been delayed and
pushed to a new launch date in mid-February 2014, Carizo APU would
arrive in 1H of 2015 bringing some new HSA and architecture

AMD Next Gen Carizo APU Features Excavator Core and New Radeon Architecture

AMD’s Carizo APU is Kaveri successor and has been confirmed by VR-Zone to feature the latest Excavator core architecture from AMD. Excavator would push x86 performance to new heights and is itself going to replace the 28nm Steamroller
architecture that would be fused on the Kaveri, Berlin, FX Processors
(Not confirmed) and next iteration of Opteron Enterprise processors.

On the GPU side, its not know what kind of architecture would be
implemented as part of the Radeon core. By 2015, AMD will have released
their Volcanic and Pirate Island (20nm) chips so they have the option to
choose from either of those but if i was to take a wild guess at it, i
would see the Volcanic Islands to be fused along side the Excavator
core. It should be noted that Volcanic Islands discrete GPUs are also
arriving for desktop PCs in Q4 2013, possibly October codenamed “Hawaii
delivering the next generation of visual and compute performance for
gamers and enthusiasts. Kaveri APU on the other hand would be equipped
with the current Southern Islands GCN cores with upto 512 stream processors pitting its performance close to current entry level discrete graphic cards.

Although not confirmed but VR-Zone
also mentions that DDR4 memory could be brought to Carizo APU. The
Carizo APU will be compatible with the Bolton-D4 A88X chipset which
currently offers support for Richland/ Trinity and Kaveri APUs. This
could mean that the Carizo APU may be compatible with the FM2+ socket
boards which just started appearing from different manufacturers. On the
other hand, Carizo APU is said to be available in 65W TDP parts and
also possibly 45W TDP parts. Kaveri APU which launches next year will
have 100W and 65W parts, this goes off to show the power efficiency that
would be delivering with the next generation Excavator core.

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