Android 4.3 Permission Manager – for Some Hidden Features

Android 4.3 Permission Manager – for Some Hidden Features

The latest Android 4.3 is an incremental update with a number of enhancements and features. There are some features hidden under the layers though; just like multi user feature was in earlier Android versions.
Among these hidden features that we are talking about, is support for
the 4K displays. 4k displays, also known as UltraHD, gives a resolution
of 4096 x 2160 pixels. Though, smartphone
have yet to pack that many pixels, Android supporting ultraHD would
make developers capable of churning out programs that could take
advantages of these many pixels.

Another secret, and very useful feature is Permission Manager.
Permission Manager will give you the handle of giving out permissions to
apps. Right now, when you download any app, the app requires certain
permissions. Instagram would ask you the permission to access your
photos, location-based apps would need access to the GPS, and so on. But at times, certain permissions just don’t make any sense, like Facebook wanting to access your call logs being the case in point. Now we have no idea why exactly would Facebook want to have access to call logs, but well it does.

With Permission Manager in Android 4.3,
you will have control over what permissions apps are allowed to have.
You can tell any app to stop or give any permission. This latest feature
is hidden under Android 4.3 and will be accessible to anyone using the
latest Android.

How to use Permission Manager in Android 4.3:

  • First of all; update your device to Android 4.3.
  • Once your Android device is up to date with Android 4.3, download Permission Manager app.

Having this app on your Android device will give you access to what is called App ops – the
Permission Manager! Once in Permission Manager, you’d be needed to know
how to use it. Pretty simple! You will see a list of apps and four
tabs: location, personal, messaging, and device. These
tabs organize your installed apps based on the sort of permissions they
use. Chatting apps would most likely be under the messaging; while
camera would be in the device tab.

From these four lists, you can simply select any app and you’d be
presented with the permission that app is using. Along with the
permissions, you will see an easy on-off switch. Simply turn off any
permissions that you don’t want that app to use. Turning off permissions
won’t disable the app itself: app will work perfectly, it just would
not be able use the features dependent on those permissions you have

Also, keep in mind that only the permissions that app is actually using will be shown in these lists. For example, to make the read call log permission
for FB visible in Permission Manager, you’d have to actually use this
feature by importing your contacts on Facebook. It’s quite simple:
current permissions inside the list; the ones not used ever won’t be

Finally, there is a reason this feature has been kept secret; it’s
not live and might not be fully ready for a usual user. So play with
Android 4.3 Permission Manager on your own risk.

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