Apple 2013 iPhone Release Event Reportedly On September 6th

Apple 2013 iPhone Release Event Reportedly On September 6th

Rumor has it that the Apple 2013 iPhone release event will take place on
September 6th. As you probably know by now, Apple is said to release
not one but two iPhones this year. The next generation iPhone, better known as iPhone 5S, is definitely on the cards. The other one is said to be a budget iPhone that would cater to the mid-range market. This is often referred to as the low cost
iPhone and more recently as the iPhone Lite. Both iPhones are expected
to be unveiled alongside at an event on September 6th. No official confirmation has come in from the company as yet.

The Apple 2013 iPhone release event has always been expected in
September. Rumors have been going around for the past couple of months,
pegging the event in this particular month. This is because September
will mark an entire year since Apple released the iPhone 5,
this keeps up with the company’s tradition of releasing a new flagship
after the previous one has been an entire year old. What has most people
interested in Apple’s event this time around is the uncertainty
regarding these two very different iPhone models, most people are just
anxious to see Apple release a toned down version of its insanely popular smartphone.

As far as the iPhone Lite
is concerned, it is believed that Apple is going to release this
smartphone so as to get a footing in the mid-range smartphone market
that is currently dominated by Android devices. Recent rumors suggest
that once this device is announced, Apple will discontinue previous
models like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone Lite is expected to
have a polycarbonate body instead of expensive materials such as
aluminium and glass, its internal specifications are said to be similar
to the iPhone 5.

An analyst recently predicted that once the announcement takes place,
Apple might start shipping both smartphones from September 27th. We
only know one thing for sure, Apple will being sending out invites in
September and only then will it really become clear what to expect from the Apple 2013 iPhone release event.


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