iOS 7 beta 4 refines call buttons, moves Spotlight search

iOS 7 beta 4 refines call buttons, moves Spotlight search

The latest beta for iOS 7 highlights several subtle but notable changes since the third beta.

Apple continues to refine certain elements in iOS 7 as seen in the fourth beta released on Monday.
The phone buttons that appear in response to an incoming call are now less text-heavy,
as noted by AppleInsider. The buttons for “Remind me later” and
“Respond with Text” have been renamed to simply “Remind me” and
“Message” with icons to represent their roles.

All the call buttons, including those for Decline and Answer, have
also received a small aesthetic change. Their transparency has been
reduced so they now appear almost opaque. Apple received a decidedly
mixed reaction to the style changes that surfaced in the first
iOS 7 beta. It now appears that each new beta is slightly dialing back some of the severity of those changes.

Other tweaks were spotted in beta 4 by the folks at Cult of
Mac. The Spotlight search screen now works differently.
Instead of swiping all the way to the left, users can now trigger the
Spotlight page by swiping down on any screen. And don’t worry, the first
time you try to swipe to the left to launch the page, a popup message
appears to tell you just how to access it.

Biometric scanner code
discovered in the latest beta for iOS 7 also points to fingerprint
recognition, a feature that could very well pop up in the iPhone either
this year or next.


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