NSA could have planted Permanent Backdoors in Intel And AMD Chips

NSA could have planted Permanent Backdoors in Intel And AMD Chips

When we are living in the age of Quantum Computers and Brain Implants, it comes as  no wonder that there are rumors from highly reliable sources that it is almost guaranteed that NSA is implanting Backdoors in Intel and possibly AMD Chips.
And after the recent leak of the PRISM operation by Edward Snowden it
grows ever difficult to distinguish between paranoid fantasy and the
brutal truth.

Intel, AMD Backdoor by NSA at the Predistribution Level

Meet Steve Blank one of Silicon Valleys leading experts, and according to Mr Blank he would be ‘extremely surprised’ to find out that the US NSA (National Security Agency) was not implanting backdoors onto Intel and AMD Chips – the worlds leading silicon industry giants.

The reasoning behind all this is very simple. To the NSA Hacking
would be preferable to Cracking. For e.g there are some encryptions that
not even NSA would be able to crack using conventional methods. The AES
256 bit encryption would require the power of roughly 10 Million Suns
to crack on current TDP. So how would a security agency like NSA get the
information? Obviously not using
the conventional channel. Pay a fortune to make a Genius find a
Zero-Day in the encryption? Maybe. The most practical course of action
would be to simply get the information before or after encryption/decryption, and that is exactly what Mr Blank is claiming the NSA does.

Mr Blank began work as an NSA Contractor at the Pine Gap facility and
when he recently heard that the NSA had gained access to Microsoft
emails in the Pre-Encryption state, he realized that there was another
way NSA could gain access, which was basically lying there to utilize.

Now meet Mr Jonathan Brossard a leading individual in the field of Pen Testing (Penetration Testing) and someone who demonstrated proof of concept of an actual nigh undetectable and incurable backdoor at last years Black Hat conference. Mr Brossard it seems also arrived at exactly the same conclusion as Mr Blank.

Intel, AMD Backdoor by NSA at the Postdistribution Level

Intel AMD NSA Backdoor

That’s not all, apparently back when the PC industry was still young,
whenever Intel had a problem they just replaced the entire chips,
nowadays as everyone knows, they update the microcode the tiny
reprogrammable part of the CPU that gets updated nearly every time you
download a Microsoft update.
It is possible that the NSA could utilize this as a pathway to update or expand any hypothetically planted backdoor.
Theres one thing we have to admit, if this is true then this is pure
genius by the NSA. An extremely efficient and nigh undetectable way to
gain intelligence on just about anybody, and lets admit it who doesn’t
use PCs anymore?

Apparently in response peeps over at the Russias Federal Guard Service are switching to electrical type writers and Australian secret services are blocking companies such as Lenova inside their infrastructure.

It is only fair to add that Intel denies all this speculation.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not presented as a
fact but as an opinion. It is up to the reader to decided what is fact
and what is fable.

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