AMD Confirms Kaveri APU Will Ship In 2013 and be Available To Enthusiasts by 2014

AMD Confirms Kaveri APU Will Ship In 2013 and be Available To Enthusiasts by 2014

Just today, AMD has released an official statement given today on response to news stories by various Tech websites that the Kaveri APU will be delayed till 2014. Advanced Micro Devices paradoxically claims that the previously revealed road map claiming shipping by 2013 was not a lie and the Kaveri APU will indeed ship by 2013. However it will only be available to the general public in 2014.  Needless to say that’s one confusing statement.

AMD Kaveri APU will Ship in 2013 and Available in 2014 – Paradox

So Apparently AMD Negates Rumors by Confirming Them. The Official Statement on the Kaveri APU is as follows:

“AMD’s ‘Kaveri’ high-performance APU remains on track and
will start shipping to customers in Q4 2013, with first public
availability in the desktop component channel very early in Q1 2014.

‘Kaveri’ features up to four ‘Steamroller’ x86 cores, major
heterogeneous computing enhancements, and a discrete-level Graphics
Core Next (GCN) implementation – AMD’s first high-performance APU to
offer GCN. ‘Kaveri’ will be initially offered in the FM2+ package for desktop PCs. Mobile ‘Kaveri’ products will be available later in the first half of 2014.”

Here’s the Roadmap showing that AMD Kaveri APU will start shipping by 2013, which now according to AMD is still true.

AMD Kaveri APU

AMD’s Kaveri APU has been one of the most awaited chips of all time,
featuring the Steamroller CPU cores, GCN (Graphics Core next) GPU and a
Cortex A5 MP Core all the while using the new socket FM2+. However
previously AMD leaked documents to OEMs told at Computex showed that AMD
Kaveri APUs were going to launch by 2014, while all the time AMD
claimed otherwise to the general public; at CES Su said that AMD Kaveri
APU would be available by second half of 2013  ie Before the last second
strikes on December 31st 20 13.

However not digesting the fact that everyone knew, AMD has now
released that technically it wasn’t lying since the Kaveri APUs will
indeed ship by 2013, its just that they will not be available till 2014.
If that isn’t face saving i don’t know what is. What AMD is trying to
say is that their roadmap never said that Kaveri would be available to
consumers by 2013 but it would merely be shipped and be available
through OEM and PC makers in early 2014. This confirms our previous reports in
which it was revealed that AMD was planning to bring Kaveri APUs in
2014, its just that they don’t want the word “Delay” to go with their
next generation products.

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