AMD Hawaii GPU ‘Retail’ Sample Spotted in the Wild – Possible PCB Diagram Unveiled

AMD Hawaii GPU ‘Retail’ Sample Spotted in the Wild – Possible PCB Diagram Unveiled

It has been confirmed that AMD would be public unveiling their new Hawaii GPU in a press event at Hawaii on 25th September. There’s more than a month’s time for that date to arrive but it looks like press samples of the card are already roaming in the wild and one such sample has been possibly spotted by Chiphell Forums.

AMD Hawaii GPU ‘Retail’ Sample Spotted in the Wild

There’s no actual proof by the users who posted these pictures but they do seem convincing. The first picture shows off the press box in which the sample
of Hawaii GPU is contained and the other picture shows the PCB diagram
which possibly belongs to the reference card on which the Hawaii GPU is
to be fused. Some minor specifications are mentioned next to the diagram by the user mentioning that the PCB makes use of a 6 + 1  Phase PWM Supply while the Radeon HD 7970
featured a 5+1 Phase PCB. Some of the labeling from the PCB diagram
have been blurred out near what seems to be the PCI-e slot probably due
to NDA. It should be noted that the GPU codename/label is always
mentioned right above the PCI-e connector slot on the PCB.

The second image shows off the box that would be provided to press
members in which the Hawaii GPU itself would be contained along with
some confidential stuff regarding details/specifications/NDA dates.
Information such as these are almost always provided with press samples
of a new product earlier to launch. We can barely see what’s inside the
box but from the image we can see the formation of a tidal wave which
hints to the Hawaii island where the announcement of the Hawaii GPU
would take place. An AMD logo can be spotted right under-neath the
picture. The Hawaii GPU is probably hidden beneath the tidal wave

Hawaii PCB Diagram_2 Hawaii PCB Diagram_1

These are all the details we can get from the two pictures posted on
Chiphell forums. For more information regarding AMD’s Hawaii GPU, do
look forward to the upcoming launch in Hawaii next month.

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