ASUS PB298Q Ultra Wide 21:9 Panoramic Monitor Revealed

ASUS PB298Q Ultra Wide 21:9 Panoramic Monitor Revealed

Asus PB298Q Ultra Wide Monitor aims to solve one of the major disadvantages of the Multi Monitor setup – Bezel. The lack of seamlessness in a multi monitor
display is one of the few things that might cause an enthusiast to not
opt for the same. Bezel can kill the experience though some will swear
you get used to it, but the fact remains generally, the less the Bezel
the more expensive the monitor.  The Asus PB298Q offers the resolution
of 2560 x 1080 in one seamless package, allowing a panoramic viewing
experience with no disruptions.

The ASUS PB298Q Ultra Wide – Features

                                             The Asus PB298Q’s Video Quality

The Asus PB298Q features an AH-IPS panel (Advanced High Performance In Plane Switching) with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which in a monitor this big is absolutely essential if you don’t want the colors at your peripheral vision washed out.

The ASUS PB298Q boasts an impressive 80 000 000:1 Asus Smart Contrast
Ratio combined with a 300 cd/m2 brightness rating so rest assured the
Ultra Wide Panoramic monitor will deliver only the most vivid and
lifelike visuals.

The ASUS PB298Q’s Adjustment Arm

One of the most flexible features of this Ultra wide Monitor is that
its adjustment arm has one of the greatest combination of configurations
we have seen. Including Tilt, Swivel, Height (up to 150m) while at the
same time 90 Degree Rotation for Portrait use.

The Portrait mode of the Asus PB298Q looks truly amazing and we can thing of one or two things that are made just for this kind of setup.

Everything Else About the ASUS PB298Q.

The Asus PB298Q features a 0.8 mm Bezel design which is great for
Multi- Monitor Setups with 29 Inch Diagonal length. It also has 3W
Stereo Sound for Audio Playback. Video inputs include DisplayPort, HDMI,
and Dual-link DVI ports.

We cant really say whether this is a good buy because, the price has
hasn’t been revealed yet however so far it does look really promising.

The ASUS PB298Q being showcased.

ASUS PB298Q Ultra Wide

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