DICE Showcasing Battlefield 4 Multiplayer on New Island Map at GamesCom 2013 – Operation Metro Also Hinted

DICE Showcasing Battlefield 4 Multiplayer on New Island Map at GamesCom 2013 – Operation Metro Also Hinted 

DICE’s Battlefield 4 is a juggernaut title bringing back the classic gameplay of the older Battlefield games. From Frostbite 3 to Leveloution and the return of the Commander mode along side the newly implemented Battlelog 2.0 features, Battlefield 4 is truly a next generation title featuring the most immersive online multiplayer action ever.

New Maps For Battlefield 4 Unveiled – More Game Features Detailed

EA has already hinted that they would be showcasing a brand new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay on a new map with a new mode. An anonymous user shared a picture on Imgur which shows the picture of EA’s Gamescom 2013 booth with PC’s displaying a new map which is set on a tropical island.
The larger section of the island is separated from the two smaller
islands on its sides which could possibly be the deployment points for
each squads. The new game mode could possibly be a hint towards naval warfare which is going to be an integral part of the game this time. DICE already showed us a teaser video of a submarine back when the game was due to be showcased at GDC 2013. The Angry Sea gameplay trailer showcased during the Xbox One presentation event at E3 2013
showed us a glimpse at what could the naval warfare possibly look like,
the aircraft carriers being there along with smaller boats in the
dynamic water looked amazing for sure but we will see how well it looks
in the multiplayer.
We also know that Commanders would have access to artillery strikes from naval ships. More details on commander mode can be learned here.

Battlefield 4 Operation Metro

Aside from the Gamescom 2013 multiplayer reveal, it looks like BF4Central
has what seems to be details regarding Operation Metro being possibly
featured in Battlefield 4. Their source who got hands on a large section
of audio files of the game
specifically mentions a map – Paris_Subway_Station. Paris and Subway in
Battlefield reminds me of only one thing, and that’s Operation Metro.
Being the most played map of Battlefield 3 and featuring some of the
most intense combat in the game, the Operation Metro truly deserves some
credit even though alot of players hold a grudge about it regarding it
as the most camper friendly map. Regardless if we see it in Battlefield 4
or not, it should be noted that some premium players actually want more
Metro maps in the game.

Battlefield 4 Transfer

DICE has also implemented some really great new features in the
gameplay and story mechanics of Battlefield 4. For starters, DICE is
offering players to transfer their Battlefield 4 profiles from current
generation platforms to next generation platforms. Suppose you get your
hands on Battlefield 4 for current generation early but later make the
switch to next generation platforms, you can then easily transfer your
profile to your next generation platform and you’ll be ready for action
within seconds rather than buying the game for the new console again and
progressing through it.

Three factions would go against each other which include China, USA
and Russia. All out war between these three would result in the most
immersive action ever crafted. Server owners have the choice to pit a
specific faction against each other. Players in a certain squad have
been increased to 5 and PC players with a secondary screen now have the
ability to turn it in a Battlescreen to view the map, change the loadout and more. Battlelog 2.0 also
offers compatibility with tablets and mobile devices which can also be
used as a second screen. Lastly, EA and DICE have optimized Battlefield 4
for the PC down from toes featuring DX11.1 support. AMD hardware would be exclusively optimized for Battlefield 4.

Frostbite 3 DX11.1

Battlefield 4 arrives on 30th October 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3,
Xbox 360 and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A new multiplayer
gameplay would be showcased today at EA’s Gamescom 2013 conference so be
sure to tune into your favorite online streaming service to view the

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