iPhone 5C: front panel part leaked

iPhone 5C: front panel part leaked

Plus 3D modeller knocks up some concept images based on leaked bits of Apple’s plastic smartphone.

The iPhone 5C, the alleged name for Apple’s alleged upcoming plastic
smartphone, has allegedly made a public appearance. Well, part of it
has, at least.

A user of Chinese social network Weibo posted an image of what they
claim is the iPhone 5C’s front panel, fresh off the production line. It
looks… well, it looks quite a lot like the front panel of the current
iPhone 5. Exciting times!

Might the 5C’s packaging look like this?

iPhone 5C concept packaging

Netherlands-based 3D modeller Martin Hajek has knocked up some rather
fetching concept packaging for the iPhone 5C, posting images of the
renders to his Instagram feed and probably fooling a lot of people into
thinking he has some kind of inside line to Cupertino.

The images are based on leaked shots of the 5C’s casing and, yes, front
panel, and they’re pretty convincing. Don’t be overly surprised if the
actual packaging resembles Hajek’s concepts.


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