Undercover Cop Mode (NFS Rivals) Primiere – Gamescom 2013

Undercover Cop Mode (NFS Rivals) Primiere – Gamescom 2013

Need For Speed Rivals Under Cover Cop Premiered at Gamescom 2013. The new style of game play progression
will feature an Undercover Cop Mode with 3 different paths. Although
the Mode sounds exciting, it seems like the Undercover Cop change is yet
another gimmick in the Need for Speed Series.

NFS Rivals: Undercover Cop Mode – Another Gimmick?

The Need For Speed Series has taken a generally downhill
course, where once it was critically acclaimed now it is only admired.
Many critics blame the fact that the NFS is deviating so much from its
original course (pure and simple racing) and the constant addition of Gimmicks. Now at Gamescom the Undercover Cop Mode of Need For Speed
Rivals has premiered. However it seems that the Undercover Cop Mode was
mostly used as a Gimmick for an otherwise fairly known gameplay.

Need for Speed Rivals Undercover Cop Mode
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From the trailer it is apparent that Need For Speed
boasts impressive visuals. However the highlight of the reveal was the
Undercover Cop Mode – along with the old Ferrari Spyder making a
comeback. While games such as Titan Fall were making impressive shows of
unique capabilities, NFS Rivals was displaying possible gimmicks.

However it is indeed too early to tell whether this is true or not. The
Undercover Cop Mode might actually turn out to be a real bread earner
but the fact remains that it is unlikely.

It is up to the reader to decide whether Undercover Cop Mode was a
gimmick from a flailing boat or a true innovation, we dont find the
former probable. However on the other hand, speaking from a generic
standpoint, Need For Speed Rivals does look incredible. The AI Director
appears to have become more intelligent and the Undercover Cop Mode IS
quite a decent new mode. Besides who doesnt love riced cars. With
updated graphics more cars and personalization making a comeback this
should be a good buy.

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