Battlefield 4 Open Beta Begins October 1

Battlefield 4 Open Beta Begins October 1

Get your twitch skills tuned.

That’s right: get those twitch skills polished up because it’s almost
time to get an early taste of what Battlefield 4 is all about. Electronic Arts said on Friday that the Open Beta will take place on October 1 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC – sorry, no early access for next-generation consoles. The full game lights up on October 29.

“The Beta gives us a chance to properly test our servers, the back
end, and configure the multiplayer components of the game. By taking
part, you will help us in ensuring a smooth launch for Battlefield 4,”
the company states. “You’ll also have the option to feedback directly to
us with any gameplay ideas, bugs you find, and other thoughts on the
Beta experience.”

The “Open” beta will feature Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai
map. However, it’s unknown when players will have access to the
“Exclusive” Battlefield 4 Beta. This version will only be offered to those who pre-purchased the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on, Battlefield 3: Premium members, and registered owners of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.

EA states that the “Exclusive” beta will arrive in early October. But
with Battlefield 3, EA offered early 48 hour access to those who
qualified back in 2011. Chances are that could happen again, meaning the
VIP club may get early access on September 29 and the general crowd on
October 1.

EA is also pushing console gamers of the current generation to go
ahead and invest in Battlefield 4 at launch, and then carry over their
data when they purchase the new Xbox One or Playstation 4, and the next-gen version of Battlefield 4.

“Playing early on the Xbox 360 or PS3 means you will be able to learn
maps, unlock items, and build stats,” the company said. “You can then
seamlessly carry over a lot of cool content from the current gen game to
a new Xbox One or PS4 version to get a jump on the competition.”

“Offers from many of our retail partners will help you buy Battlefield 4on the Xbox 360
or PS3, and then upgrade to an Xbox One or PS4 version for as little as
$10,” the company adds. Additional information regarding upgrades can be accessed here.


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