Intel Succesfully Showcases SSD Overclocking at the IDF – Is a New Era of OC Inbound?

Intel Succesfully Showcases SSD Overclocking at the IDF – Is a New Era of OC Inbound?

Most of the PC Enthusiasts overclock. This is a fact. But we were always limited to our CPUs, GPUs, Rams and in some cases Motherboards. Now Intel has showcased its SSD Overclocking, times are in for a change. With a decent overclock of 10% achieve by the Intel staff, we feel that the time will soon come when we will see ‘Kingpin’ overclocks of SSDs too.

Intel SSD Overclocking Detailed – Another Territory for High End Rigs

Mr. Dan Ragland who is a Senior System had the honor to be the first
SSD Overclocker in history. Using a  Clevo W740U laptop, he used an
unreleased version of the Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) complete with the
experimental SSD overclocking tab to OC an Intel SSD by 10%.

In this SSD Overclocking session he increased the Intel SSD’s memory controller
frequency from 400MHz to 625MHz. He then showed us the AS SSD Benchmark
results for comparison. So for an increase of 225MHZ you would get an
overall increase in score of 10%. Not bad. Considering the fact that
Storage overclocking was impossible before SSDs.

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility had a pair of sliders both for Memory Controller
Frequency along with 2 levels for the NAND Chips. It is unclear at this
stage what effect (if any) this will have on your SSD’s Data Integrity and other work load performance. If you overclock and your risk of data loss increases exponentially is it really worth it?

And what about life expectancy? Sure everyone indulging in SSD
Overclocking or any any Overclocking for that matter knows that his
device’s life expectancy will go down but even then it should be with in
an acceptable and controllable range. If i overclock by 10% and life
expectancy drops by 50% then its really not worth it.

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