Report: AMD Radeon R7-260X Pictured

Report: AMD Radeon R7-260X Pictured

Images of AMD’s upcoming Radeon R7-260X card have been leaked.

Earlier, we already brought you specifications, images, and benchmarks of AMD’s Radeon R9-290X. Now it appears that the same site that leaked these has also leaked some images of the R7-260X.
The images were leaked on DG’s Nerdy Story, and while they don’t seem to be posted there anymore, TechPowerUp managed to grab the shots before they were taken down.

Over at TechPowerUp, it is believed that the card will be an improved
version of the previously released “Bonaire” card, the Radeon HD 7790.
They also believe that the card is based on the Curacao silicon, though
the name ‘Bonaire XTX’ was also mentioned. Beyond these details it
remains uncertain what the card’s specifications are.

The card also has a rather funky design, and while the look may not
appeal to everyone, it’s certainly nice to see such odd designs once in a

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